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History and legends of Sumy. Ukraine

Nowadays Sumy is the city with the population 300 000 citizens. It’s one of the main economic and cultural centers of the north-eastern Ukraine. Ukraine. Spaso-Preobrajenskiy cathedral in SymyThe tourism potential in Sumy is out of the question. To get reassured one needs only to have a walk in the central part of the city, along the streets Voskresenska and Soborna.

History of Sumy, its beauty and legends connected with this Ukrainian city attracts a lot of tourists to this city. The majority of buildings on Soborna Street were erected in the 19th century, but the real sightseeing is Spaso-Preobrazhenski Cathedral, built in the second half of the 18th century. Cathedral contains the mixture of the baroque and classic architectural styles. It’s decorated with the black 3m long sculptures of apostles and gospels unusual for the orthodox temples. There’s the 56m high bell tower and the bishop’s palace near by – relevantly small but gorgeous building.

In the beginning of the Voskresenska Street lies the oldest building in Sumy – Voskresenska church. It was built in 1702 by the first Sumy settlers – Cossacks of ottoman Herasim Kondratiev. There is one of the legends connected with Sumy. Kondratiev quarreled with his daughter Maria. And she has become a chief of bandit band. After the brigands’ Sunset in Sumy. Ukraineattack of Maria’s band, they were surrounded and defeated. The daughter was punished in a cruel way – she was bricked up alive in the wall of Voskresenska church. In the 18th of the 20th century during the restoration works were found the female bones which prove that the legend about Maria-brigand is not a legend.

History of Sumy is full interesting events and unique architectural monuments. Now Voskresenska church is one of the best examples of the Ukrainian baroque in Sumy region. It unifies the features of the wooden and stone Cossack architecture. It’s the only memorial left by the founders who came here in 1655 from Bila Tserkva from the village Stavyshe. According to the official allowance of Moscow tsar they built the fortress in the center of which in half of century was erected Voskresenska church. The fortress was called Sumy.

In the 18th century Sumy received big advantages and turned into the significant trade center. The major part of the city buildings were of wood. After the great fire in 1839 was formed new general plans according to which the new stone buildings were to be erected. In the second half of the 19th century the presence of the rich merchant families – Lishinski, Suhanovy, Kharytonenky – caused the development of Sumy. Ukraine. Bank Academy in SumyThe most outstanding memorial left by Kharytonenky is Troitski Cathedral. This cathedral is called the most perfect building not only in Sumy but in Ukraine at all. It might be so because the plastic of the architecture with the baroque décor make the cathedral unique and inimitable. There’re no similar buildings in Ukraine. Troitski Cathedral had been built since 1900 to 1914. It was rigged by the outstanding architect Shusev and well known painter Nesterov. The Cathedral consists of two temples – upper (basic) and lower (underground) ones.

  1. Chekhov Museum in Sumy

    Chekhov Museum in Sumy

    Sumy is located on the river Psel in northern Ukraine. Anton Chekhov house-museum takes a special place among the various cultural sites of the city. Landowners Lintvarev’s Estate was located in Luka outskirts of town in suburb. In 1888 - 1889&rsqu

  2. Transfiguration Cathedral in Sumy

    Transfiguration Cathedral in Sumy

    Transfiguration Cathedral is considered to be one of the most majestic and beautiful temples in Sumy. Bell tower is visible from anywhere in the city. It is a religious and historical heart of the city. The cathedral was founded and built