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Ukrainian Pampushkas with garlic

Ukrainian Pampushkas with garlicIngredients for Ukrainian Pampushkas with garlic:

for making dough:
25 g sugar
15 g fresh yeast
10 g oil
salt to taste
for making sauce:
30 g garlic
25 g oil
100 g water
salt to taste

How to cook Ukrainian Pampushkas with garlic.


Dough. Dissolve yeast, sugar, salt, flour in a warm water (1/4 portion) and knead dough. Let the dough rise and add butter and remaining flour, knead the dough very well and let it again rise.

Use cooked dough for making ball-shaped rolls (25 – 30 g), then put it on an oven pan and let rest for a while.

Bake the rolls in an oven for 7 – 8 minutes. Before 5 – 8 minutes to table serving, pour sauce over the rolls.

Sauce.  Pound and rub garlic with salt, adding little by little oil and cold water.

Ukrainian borsch should always be served with Ukrainian pampushkas with garlic.