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Ukrainian Rissoles recipe

Ukrainian Rissoles recipeIngredients for Ukrainian Rissoles:

500 g meat
1 – 2 onions
150 g bread (3 – 4 slices)
1 egg
2/3 glass milk, cream or water
black pepper and salt to taste
breadcrumbs or flour

How to cook Ukrainian Rissoles


Add 1 egg and bread, soaked in milk without crusts; salt, pepper and mix well.

Take with tablespoon a necessary amount of forcemeat and put it on a palm of the hand.

Throw the forcemeat from palm to palm, slap on its surface with fingers, shaping into round or oblong pieces.

Roll rissoles in flour or in breadcrumbs (if you have a frying pan with unburnt surface, you can’t roll rissoles).

Put the rissoles on a frying pan with pre-heated oil and fry on both sides to readiness.