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Uzhgorod Travel Guide

River Uzh in UzhgorodUzhgorod is the most western and the smallest administrative center in Ukraine with the 1110 years history. Uzhgorod is the antique European city with numerous historic-architectural monuments of the European significance: the Castle of Uzhgorod, the Greek Catholic Cathedral, Town Hall, Synagogues etc. Uzhgorod city is the small window to the West Europe with its Castle of Drugets, Uniat Cathedral, library and the low houses.

One of the main things of pride in Uzhhorod (transliteration from Ukrainian language) is the ancient castle, which is situated in the eastern part of the city and is visible almost from the every point of the city. The Castle of Uzhgorod (X-XVI c.) was initially the residence of the Old Russian Prince Laborz. From the observation ground of the castle one can enjoy the city, the Carpathian Mountains and even watch Slovakia behind the near border.

Near Former Synagogue. Uzhgorodthe Castle of Uzhgorod there is situated the open air Museum of the folk architecture and mode. Here are represented the patterns of the folk architecture from different places of Zakarpattya, among which singles out the wooden St. Michael Church (1777). Very interesting and not so old building is the Hasidic Synagogue (1904) – one of the biggest in Europe. Nowadays it serves as the large philharmonic hall with the one of the best organs in Ukraine (3 keyboards and 2250 pipes).

From the Theater Square of the city starts the Uzhgorod Children Railway, this goes through the Botanic Garden and ends in the city park. Between the Theater Square and Petefy Square there is situated the stone Pedestrian Bridge, which joins the Old and the New parts of the city. When crumbling some bread from the bridge one can observe the shoal of trout and other fishes, which enter the Red Book and inhabit only in the clear water. From the right bank of the river Uzh one can see the longest linden alley in Europe, which stretches 2,2 km along the Uzh.

Due to the big number of parks Uzhorod looks like the real Botanic garden. The city is especially beautiful when the cherry trees, brought from the Vienna, are in blossom. The Botanic Garden astonishes with its beauty – one of the best gardens in Ukraine, created in 1946 and placing 3 800 kinds of plants on the square of 4,5 ha. The oldest park of Uzhgorod – Podzamkovyi Park – was founded in the beginning of the XVII century for the purpose of breeding the wild animals for the royal hunting. In the park there is the 600 years old Sunset in Uzhgorodplane tree, brought here from the northern Italy. In the city there is situated the dendropark of Laudon, well-known in Europe. It places dozens of exotic plants from different places of the world, among which are the 100 years old magnolia and 100 years old marsh cypress with the height of 20 m, the silver apricot tree with the height of 25 m.

Not far from Uzhgorod Ukraine in Vinogradovski District is situated the “village”, which represents the miniature version of Zakarpattya. This museum of the folk architecture and mode was built in 1970. The square of the museum is 5,5 ha and disposes small houses, mill, church and the numerous fruit trees.

  1. Uzhgorod Castle

    Uzhgorod Castle

    Zakarpattia Region is often called the land of castles. There are 12 medieval castles here. Including prehistoric and early Slavic castles, their quantity is larger. Each of them has a story or legend connected to this or that historical period. The

  2. Uzhgorod Open Air Museum

    Uzhgorod Open Air Museum

    The oldest in Ukraine open-air museum - Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life – is located at the foot of the majestic Uzhgorod castle (Zakarpattya region) on a relatively small area of ​​ 5 hectares. In the Middle Ages, the