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Zaporozhye Ukraine

Zaporozhye. Lenin prospectZaporozhye – the city of metallurgists, machine builders and powermen with the population about one million people. The contemporary name the city received from the obdurate rapids of Dnepr. Zaporizhzhya (transliteration from Ukrainian language) has the enormous economic potential – more than 280 industrial enterprises, among which the major part belongs to machine building, metallurgy and metal working, chemical and petrochemical industries.

The pride of the city is the island Khortytsia – the largest island on the Dnepr. In the 16th century here located Sech. Zaporozhskaya Sech was the center of the Ukrainian Cossacks during the 16th -17th centuries and played the significant role in the history of Ukraine. In the northern part of the island there is the museum of the history of Zaporozhye Cossacks. From that point opens the wonderful view on Dnepr hydropower station and some small rapids. Dnepr power station and the dam are the visit card of the city. The radius of the bending of the dam is 600 m, the height – 50 m.

Preobrazhenskiy Bridge. ZaporozhyeIn the settlement Upper Khortytsia there is the famous 700 years old oak. The diameter of the stem of the tree is 6 m 32 cm, the height – 36 m. According to the legend this is the very oak, near which the Cossacks wrote the letter to the Turkish Sultan. This event was reflected on the picture by Illia Repin. Near the island there are situated the places, which are associated with different legends – these are two Snake caves.

One of them is drowned; the other one is situated in the northern part of Chortytsia. It is mentioned by the historian Herodot. He notes, that in The Snake cave lived the ancient Greek hero Heracles with the goddess Api, the daughter of Borisphen. The Snake cave on Chortytsia Island saved perfectly. It is the grotto with the height of 12 m, where can walk only one man. It is situated in the rock cleft on the height of 4 m above the water level. People say that there were kept the treasures in the cave, but they were ransacked in the 19th century.

The engineering and cultural sights of the city are two double-decked concrete bridges over the Dnepr, which connect the right and left banks of Zaporozhye city through the Chortytsia Island. The altitude of the bridges (54 m) is considered to be the largest in Ukraine.

The other engineering sight of Zaporozhye city is the longest Ukrainian Sunset in Zaporozhyechildren railway. Its extent is 9,4 km. The main street of the city – Lenin Avenue – is one of the longest streets in Ukraine and Europe. Its length is 10,8 km.
The national colour and the historical places of Zaporozhye Ukraine attract film directors from times of USSR. In Zaporozhye took place the film shootings of the famous soviet and modern films: “The Spring on the Zarechnaia Street” (1956), “The only one” (1975), “Taras Bulba” (2009).

  1. Zaporizhian Sich at Khortytsia

    Zaporizhian Sich at Khortytsia

    Khortytsia Island in Zaporozhye is the largest island on the Dnieper River, it refers to the seven wonders of Ukraine and is a historical monument of the country. The center of the Ukrainian Cossacks, Zaporizhian Sich, was located here in the XVI-XVII

  2. Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp"

    Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp"

    Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp” is one of the most interesting places on the Khortytsia Island in Zaporozhye. Once on the island there were located 129 barrows, the oldest of which were created in the III-II centuries BC. These

  3. Musical fountain in Zaporozhye

    Musical fountain in Zaporozhye

    Musical fountain in Zaporozhye is one of the biggest in the city. Residents and visitors of the city like it so much, so that it became the peculiar visiting card of Zaporozhye. This fountain can work in color-music mode, and the most wonderful view of

  4. Museum of the Ancient Navigation in Zaporozhye

    Museum of the Ancient Navigation in Zaporozhye

    Opening of the Museum of Ancient Navigation and Shipbuilding is planned for 2012. Museum will be located between the new bridge crossings and the old bridge Preobrazhenskiy in Zaporozhye. Although at present the museum has not yet been founded, the

  5. Preobrazhensky Bridges in Zaporozhye

    Preobrazhensky Bridges in Zaporozhye

    Construction of new bridges in Zaporozhye across the Dnieper River began in 1949. The author of the projects of the bridges was the famous Moscow engineer B.N. Preobrazhensky, in whose honour the bridges were named.The project of the bridge across the

  6. Church of St. Nicholas in Zaporozhye

    Church of St. Nicholas in Zaporozhye

    Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas is located in Zaporozhye, in Khortytsky district, at the Yubileyny Prospect, 1a. The funds allocated for the construction of the temple were given by the director of commercial and industrial

  7. Lenin Prospect in Zaporozhye

    Lenin Prospect in Zaporozhye

    Prospect of Lenin is the main street in Zaporozhye, which connects the main administrative districts of the city and is situated along the Dnieper River. The length of the street is 10.8 km and this prospect is believed to be the longest on the territory

  8. Intercession Cathedral in Zaporozhye

    Intercession Cathedral in Zaporozhye

    The first church, which was located on the site of today's Intercession Cathedral, was built in 1778. It was mostly of wood, so it was decided to dismantle it and build a new temple on this sacred place. On May 5, 1886 at the former site of the

  9. Arch Bridge in Zaporozhye

    Arch Bridge in Zaporozhye

    The construction of the bridge across the Dnieper River was caused by the reconstruction of Dnieper Hydropower in 1969-1980. The main task of the bridge was to unload the dam and Preobrazhensky Bridges of the constantly increasing traffic flow. The idea

  10. City Botanical Garden in Zaporozhye

    City Botanical Garden in Zaporozhye

    City Botanical Garden in Zaporozhye is located on the site of the former dump. In pre-revolutionary period there was the farm for deaf children on this place, and during the Second World War the soldiers hid their tanks there. After the victory over Nazi

  11. Monument "Sorrowful Mother" in Zaporozhye

    Monument "Sorrowful Mother" in Zaporozhye

    Monument "Sorrowful Mother" in Zaporozhye was opened in 1975. The author of this project was the famous Soviet sculptor Vladimir Dubinin. The memorial is dedicated to the memory of dead soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army, who died during World War

  12. Alley of love in Zaporozhye

    Alley of love in Zaporozhye

    Alley of love in Zaporozhye was opened on August 8, near Kommunarskogo RAPA. This day was a landmloark for 22 couples who formalized their relationship this day. Decorations were a few colored sculptures of Vladimir Gulicha, a well known Zaporozhye

  13. Children's railway in Zaporozhye

    Children's railway in Zaporozhye

    Children's railway in Zaporozhye - non-formal educational institution, acquainting children with the railway professions. Railway in Zaporozhye - one of the youngest in the Ukraine and the second-longest among the former Soviet Union. The construction

  14. Zaporozhye oak

    Zaporozhye oak

    Zaporozhye Oak, whose age reaches 700 years, is located in the village of Upper Khortytsya. According to legend, it was under this oak that Cossacks wrote the world-famous letter to the Turkish sultan. The oak-tree is the oldest and largest in the city:

  15. Glinka Concert Hall in Zaporozhye

    Glinka Concert Hall in Zaporozhye

    Glinka Zaporozhzhye Regional Philharmonic Concert Hall is located in Zaporizhye. Philharmonic Hall was built in the 50-ies of XX century and is situated in the heart of the city, leaving the facade on the main avenue. In front the Philharmonics is the

  16. Clock of love in Zaporozhye

    Clock of love in Zaporozhye

    Grand opening of the "Clock of lovers", located in the Zaporozhye region on Shevchenko Boulevard, occurred in 2003. True, the original intention of the then Mayor Alexander Polyakov was such that these hours would be the "urban Courant", for which they

  17. Dnieper Hydropower Plant in Zaporozhye

    Dnieper Hydropower Plant in Zaporozhye

    Dnieper hydropower plant is located in Zaporozhye. Its location is lower the flooded rapids of Dnieper River. The plant is a part of Ukrhydroenergo JSV, and on the basis of its energy there was the building of the industrial complex in Zaporozhye,

  18. Top 10 attractions of Zaporozhye

    Top 10 attractions of Zaporozhye

    Zaporozhye is an old city in Ukraine, situated on the Dnieper River, still keeping the history and legends of the Ukrainian Cossacks and Zaporozhian Sich. Today it is a major industrial and cultural center in the southern Ukraine. We offer you the rating