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Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky in KievThe first sky restaurant in Ukraine was opened on June 18 in Kiev. The opening of Dinner in the Sky restaurant was held in a large scale manner and looked more like a social gathering. Among guests you could notice politicians, businessmen, Ukrainian showbiz stars, and other representatives of the Kiev elite.

Guests of the event were greeted by a red carpet, exquisite starters and pricey cocktails that were served for free. One of the barmen said that during the opening night he broke his own personal record by preparing more than 1000 various cocktails. The second sky bar, located in Park Avenue, had so many attendees that managers had to let them in in small groups.

Visitors of the Dinner in the Sky opening were seated in rooms that were decorated with sky-related elements: cotton clouds, snow-white counters and themed floral flower arrangements.

From now on Dinner in the Sky lets any guests who are not afraid of heights have dinner at the height of a few dozens of meters on a special lifting platform. The average cost of a dinner is yet unknown, but it’s probably going to be far from affordable.

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