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KaZantip is inviting all party animals to Popovka

KaZantip festivalFrom July 30 to August 14 Popovka village near the resort city of Evpatoriya will be filled with young people dancing all day and night long during the XXI dance festival called KaZantip.

KaZantip is a land of non-stop club and electro music of all possible genres. Famous and talented DJs, musicians, dancers, performers and other creative people visit the festival every time the festival is held. Over 100.000 people from everywhere in the world come to KaZantip each year to enjoy the warm Crimean sea, good-looking girls and guys, and music.

Since the territory assigned to the festival was dramatically reduced, organizers made the KaZantip schedule far more eventful. 300 DJs, world famous musicians, dozens of bars, restaurants and dance floors, kite surfing stations and open air cinemas are waiting for every guest of the event. We should also mention the 14 dance floors: one of them is going to be located on the water, and three dance floors will be made to look like outer space.

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