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Khmelnitsky regional council found a new way to replenish the treasury

BlueberriesRecently citizens of Khmelnitsky region were disappointed by the new decision released by the regional council. The officials have decided to introduce taxes for mushroom and berry pickers in an attempt to replenish the regional treasury. The decision was influenced by the heavy rains that led to large crops of blueberries. Villagers view berry picking as a source of additional income, as one is able to collect up to 15 kilos of berries and sell them at 5 UAH ($0.6) at the market.

Locals have been outraged with the news. Lyubov Kostanetskaya from Savichi village said her pension was never big, but the new tax will further decrease her already low income. She also said that many of her fellow villager view berry picking as their main income source.

Regional council explained their decision by the desire to regulate the use of forest resources. They added that the new tax is expected to serve as a budget inflow during the whole berry picking season.

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