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Lviv became the most popular European city among tourists

Market square in LvivTourism portal VirtualTourist has published a list cities that Ukrainian tourists would like to visit in the nearest time. Lviv ended up in the first place. Among the main advantages of traveling to Lviv tourists name convenient planning of the city centre, which makes a short weekend trip to Lviv possible.

Prices for summer vacations increase rapidly, and new attractions are constantly being added to the tourist map. Besides Lviv, tourists named nine more cities that are most attractive to them from the financial and entertaining point of view. These cities are only starting their way up the tourist rating.

Lviv was rightfully chosen the most attractive Ukrainian cities. This European-style city combines modern business hubs with rich and eventful history and culture. If you happen to travel to Lviv, be sure to visit the Opera, Market square, and various festivals that are held there quite often.

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