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Mamayeva Sloboda is preparing for Ivana Kupala holiday

Midsummer celebrationOn Ivana Kupala holiday (also known as Midsummer), which is traditionally celebrated on July 7, a lover’s bench will be installed in Mamyeva Sloboda. Moreover, on the night of the celebration guests of the event will go on a search for the Cossack’s treasure.

The most exciting part of the celebration, hunting for the Cossack’s treasure, will be held in Mamayeva Sloboda for the fourth time. This major quest is aimed at young couples who are not yet married. They will have to go and search for treasures at the springhead of the legendary Lybed river. According to a legend, in 1756 Cossacks drowned two jars with gold coins and jewellery in the lake where Lybed starts. However, these treasures have not been found yet, which is why all couples who finish every challenge will be rewarded. The main prize is a gem ring, a symbol of two souls in love. Runner-up couple will receive a valuable coral necklace, and the couple that finishes third will get the opportunity to have dinner at Mamayeva Sloboda.

Quest is only a part of what’s scheduled for Ivana Kupala. There will also be wreath weaving, dancing, jumping over the fire, singing and dancing.

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