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Statue of Christ the Redeemer will appear in Evpatoriya

The original statue in BrazilOn June 20 a renovated gallery displaying copies of world’s plastic art masterpieces will open in the International culture museum in Evpatoriya. Among the exhibits displayed in the open-air museum you will find an exact copy of the Statue of Christ the Redeemer that is originally located in Brazil. The news was reported by the Center for Journalists’ Investigation.

The Crimean copy of the famous monument that stands in Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is 10 times less than the original. The Evpatoriya statue is less than 5 meters tall, while the Brazilian statue reaches the height of 46 meters. However, the statue, which was created by a Yalta artist Vladimir Shevchenko, has already impressed viewers.

Administration of the Museum of International Sculpture reports that the new exhibition includes 156 portraits and 24 busts of famous personalities, including philosophers, scholars, warlords, leaders, artists and performers from throughout the history of mankind. Overall the museum contains over 100 sculptures reflecting the legends and history of the Crimea, humor carved in stone, mythology and fairy tales.

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