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UA-travelling contest is now open

Vacation in OdessaUA-travelling, a Ukrainian online travel guide, invites everyone to participate in a contest and compete for the main prize, which is an unforgettable 2-day vacation in Odessa, the famous Ukrainian city.

To take part in the contest you need to sign up on our website or log in using your VKontakte or Facebook account. Then you need to add a travel report about your trip to Ukraine and/or upload photos of remarkable Ukrainian places. The winner of the contest will be chosen based on the number of points (likes) received from other users.

Besides the main prize – a 2-day stay in an Odessa hotel, there are other prizes at stake. The participant who takes the second spot will win a UA-travelling T-shirt, and if you place third, you’ll get a UA-travelling mug. Winners who take 4th to 10th places will win a fridge magnet that will remind them of the contest in future.

Share your memories, participate in the contest, invite your friends to participate, get people to like your photos and reports, and finally, win prizes!

You can find out more about the UA-travelling contest rules on our website. Good luck!

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  2. Alan Lee Fri Sep 11, 2015 03:02 am EEST

    Номер был очень опрятным, постели меняли раз в 2 дня. Найти эконом-отель проще простого по карте по ссылке http: //www.travel.ru/hotel/russia/moscow/kontinent/. Эконом-Отель Континет обладает удачным расположением - метро в 5 минутах, рядом куча магазинов.

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