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Ukrainians got back at Colorado beetle

Colorado beetleFans of exotic dishes made from insects don’t have to travel to distant countries to try these meals. From now on bizarre dishes are available in Ukraine.

Beetle restaurant was recently opened in Lutsk. There visitors will have a chance to try meals that have been cooked from Colorado beetle, the arch enemy of Ukrainian gardeners. Founder of the restaurant, Alexander Polizhuk, offered his explanation for this controversial idea. He said that Volyn region is famous for two things: potatoes and Colorado beetle, and a restaurant is a way to take famous dishes and add a twist to them.

Alexander reassured everyone that all dishes are made from beetles that were gathered from eco friendly potato plants. Among the dishes in the restaurant you will find cabbage rolls with Colorado beetle, potato and mushrooms, Colorado salad, as well as a specialty that is known as Striped Borscht.

The opening of an exotic restaurant was inspired by a report from an international agricultural society that encouraged everyone to start eating insects.

Even though the restaurant has not been working for too long yet, it is already quite popular among locals and tourists. However, there is already a shortage of beetles, which is why the owner is thinking of opening a farm to grow large numbers of insects.

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