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  1. Babi Yar in Kiev

    Babi Yar in Kiev

    Babi Yar is the tract in the northwest of Kiev, which became famous as the place of mass execution of Soviet prisoners of war and civilians, mostly Jews and Gypsies, during the Great Patriotic War. Having decoyed Soviet citizens in the Babi Yar, the

  2. Tsetsino Mountain in Chernovtsy

    Tsetsino Mountain in Chernovtsy

    Tsetsino  mountain, which is located in the west end of Chernovtsy, Ukraine, is the highest peak of Chernovtsy Uplands. It is 378 meters tall. During the medieval times Tsetsino Mountain used to host Moldavian fortress. Historians presume that a

  3. Museum of modern Ukrainian art

    Museum of modern Ukrainian art

    Museum of modern art in Kiev was founded by a Ukrainian businessman, the president of Ukrainian Jewelers Association Sergey Tsyupko in 2005. However, the museum has only recently received its own space of 3.5 thousand square meters. The museum collection