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  1. Government offices in Kiev

    Government offices in Kiev

    The architecture plan of Kiev, which was designed in 1780s, has dense urban areas placed in front of the Sophia bell tower. Nowadays there is a defensive shaft called “Poperechny”, which goes around the Trinity church. In 1998

  2. Khan Uzbek Mosque

    Khan Uzbek Mosque

    A beautiful mosque in Solkhat was built by Khan Uzbek, an adherent of Islam. This mosque is, in fact, the oldest mosque in the Crimea. Nowadays it looks like a basilica-type rectangular building with a built-in minaret in the north-east corner and an

  3. Museum of Hetmanate

    Museum of Hetmanate

    The Museum of Hetmanate was founded in Kiev in March 11, 1993. The purpose of the museum is to tell the truth about the Ukrainian statehood, outstanding personalities of the country and the activities of the Hetman State. Today, the museum includes the



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Alexandria Park in Belaya Tserkov
Alexandria Park in Belaya Tserkov