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  1. National museum of medicine in Kiev

    National museum of medicine in Kiev

    The National museum of medicine is located in a building where the Dissecting hall of medical department of Kiev University used to be. The building was constructed by an architect Alexander Beretti. The construction was initiated by professor Alexander

  2. Ski resort Slavsko

    Ski resort Slavsko

    Right on track the customers are attracted with music from mountain huts where one can eat, drink tea, coffee or hot wine. On weekends the slopes are full of bright jackets of youth from Lviv, Uzhgorod, Stryi. In the past two years the bases in Slavsko

  3. Monastery-Fortress of Carmelites in Berdichev

    Monastery-Fortress of Carmelites in Berdichev

    A city-monastery, a city-fortress, Volyn Jerusalem – so was called Berdichev in different periods of history. One of the attractions of the city is Monastery of Carmelites. The Monastery was founded in 1627. Over time, it was rebuilt and got the