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  1. Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp"

    Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp"

    Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp” is one of the most interesting places on the Khortytsia Island in Zaporozhye. Once on the island there were located 129 barrows, the oldest of which were created in the III-II centuries BC. These

  2. New Year in Odessa

    New Year in Odessa

    New Year in Odessa is a unique opportunity to have a heartily entertainment near the New Year Tree on the Duma Square, to experience the unique flavor of Odessa, to meet Odessa and its cheerful people.Let's start with the most notable places of the city,

  3. 1 May: Labour Day

    1 May: Labour Day

    May 1, 1886 American workers organized a strike demanding an 8-hour workday. The strike and the accompanying demonstration ended in violent clashes with police.In July 1889 Paris Congress of II International, in memory of the workers in Chicago, decided