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  1. The Main Wines of the Crimea

    The Main Wines of the Crimea

    The main indicator for the wine tourism is the uniqueness of the local wine. In this sense, the Crimea has much to attract tourists, and prices of Crimean wines, like the French ones, already take into account the uniqueness of places of production and

  2. Monument to Sunken Ships in Sevastopol

    Monument to Sunken Ships in Sevastopol

    The Monument to Sunken Ships was founded in Sevastopol, on a manually created from roughly processed granite blocks island in 1905. It is located in Primorsky boulevard in 10 meters from the seashore. The installation of the monument was timed to match

  3. Novomalin Castle

    Novomalin Castle

    There is a landmark just in 10 km from Ostrog, which is certainly to visit - the ruins of Novomalin castle (village Novomalin in Rivne region). First time it was mentioned in 1392 – the Polish King Vladislav Jagailo gave this locality to the