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  1. Tereschenko’s castle in Denishi village

    Tereschenko’s castle in Denishi village

    An old picturesque village of Denishi is located 20 kilometers from Zhitomir on the banks of Teterev river. The village is known far beyond Zhitomir region, as this is where the famous mansion of sugar manufacturer and industrialist Mikhail Tereschenko

  2. Sugar factory museum in Chervonoye village

    Sugar factory museum in Chervonoye village

    Not far from Andrushevka there is Chervonoye village. This village used to be the home of manufacturer Fyodor Tereschenko in the XIX century. The merchant had a sugar production business. A sugar factory in Chervonoye, which was bought by Tereschenko in

  3. Intercession Cathedral in Zaporozhye

    Intercession Cathedral in Zaporozhye

    The first church, which was located on the site of today's Intercession Cathedral, was built in 1778. It was mostly of wood, so it was decided to dismantle it and build a new temple on this sacred place. On May 5, 1886 at the former site of the



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Nikitski Botanic Garden
Nikitski Botanic Garden