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  1. Zvirynets Caves in Kiev

    Zvirynets Caves in Kiev

    Zveirynets Cave complex is a unique underground monastery, located in Kiev. The caves were discovered in the late XIX century, and then partially reconstructed. Nowadays, the monastery has the status of archaeological monument of national importance. The

  2. Watermill in Pavoloch village

    Watermill in Pavoloch village

    Pavoloch is a historically significant village that is located on the banks of Rostavitsa river 10 kilometers from the city of Popelnya in Zhitomir region. There used to be settlements already during the times of Ancient Russia, and you can still see the

  3. New Year 2012 in Odessa

    New Year 2012 in Odessa

    New Year rush has already started in Odessa. That makes no matter whom are you waiting for the New Year's Eve – Ded Moroz, Santa Claus or Joulupukki - a variety of Christmas programs in Odessa will not leave you without a gift. The list of



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Carpathians' nature
Carpathians' nature