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  1. Trinity Cathedral in Berezhany

    Trinity Cathedral in Berezhany

    Berezhany is a small town in Ternopol region. Even though the size of the town is far from being remarkable, there is still plenty of fascinating sights that attracts tourists. Berezhany was first mentioned in chronicles in 1375. We now know that the

  2. M17 Gallery in Kiev

    M17 Gallery in Kiev

    M17 Gallery is one of the most popular and up-to-date centers of modern art. It was opened in Kiev in 2010. The founders say their main aim while opening the M17 Gallery was supporting and developing modern art in Ukraine. The gallery has a pretty good

  3. “Saur-Grave” memorial

    “Saur-Grave” memorial

    In one of the highest spots in Donetsk region, Shakhtersk, there is a mound called Saur-Grave. Its altitude reaches 299.9 m. This mound is a remnant of one of the spurs of the famous Donetsk range, which was blurred over time. It consists mainly of



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Carpathians, ski resort "Tysovets"
Carpathians, ski resort "Tysovets"