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  1. Sviatogorsk Monastery

    Sviatogorsk Monastery

    Holy Assumption Sviatogorsk Monastery (or Sviatohirsk Lavra) is an active monastery, situated in a picturesque woodland location on the bank of the Siverskiy Donets river, near the city Sviatogorsk (Donetsk region). Deciduous forests that surround the

  2. Shevchenko Garden in Kharkov

    Shevchenko Garden in Kharkov

    Shevchenko Garden is situated in the Kharkov’s centre and is a city park. It was founded in the years 1804 – 1805 by Vasily Nazarovich Karazin, the famous founder of the Kharkov University. The Garden was initially laid out in the virgin oak

  3. Czartoryski castle in Klevan

    Czartoryski castle in Klevan

    Klevan is a village that is located on the border between Rivne and Volyn region on the bank of Stubl river. Historical documents prove that Klevan in the middle of the XV century used to belong to Prince Czartoryski. However, historians suggest that