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  1. Local history museum in Radomyshl

    Local history museum in Radomyshl

    Radomyshl is a town in Zhitomir region, and when you get there, it feels like time has stopped. You instantly get an impression that you’ve come to a typical provincial town from USSR era, where nothing ever happens and everything seems familiar

  2. Lugansk Aviation-Technical Museum

    Lugansk Aviation-Technical Museum

    The museum of aviation is created not only for those who dream about flying, but also for those whose hair has turned gray and they are proud that they have done it, for true aviators, whose hearts belong to the sky forever. We recommend to visit the

  3. Monument to the founders of Kiev

    Monument to the founders of Kiev

    According to the “Primary Chronicle” by Nestor the Chronicler, as well as other Russian chronicles, dated XI-XII centuries, the contemporary city of Kiev was founded by three brothers - Kyi, Schek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid. The newly