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  1. Rest near Kiev with kids

    Rest near Kiev with kids

    A family vacation should bring both parents and their kids maximum pleasure. After spending years in a crowded metropolis in the dusty streets on the melted asphalt it’s essential to have a proper rest to refresh the body and soul and prepare for a

  2. Zmeiny island

    Zmeiny island

    Zmeiny island is an island in the Black Sea that belongs to Kilyisky district of Odessa region. There is a settlement in the island called Beloe village, which has a museum, a bank, and a post office. Soon an Orthodox church is going to be constructed

  3. Kara-Dag Nature Reserve

    Kara-Dag Nature Reserve

    Kara-Dag (Black Mountain) is the main treasure of Koktebel. It is an ancient extinct volcano, which functioned 120-160 million years ago. Its mountain ranges and peaks bear Turkic names: Khoba Tepe (Top with caves), Syuryu-Kai (Spicy rock), gorge Gyaur-Ba



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Video. National Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev
Video. National Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev