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  1. Fortress Calamita

    Fortress Calamita

    The Principality of Theodoro (a small principality in the south-west of Crimea from the 13th through 15th centuries). Fortress Calamita was one of the major defense facilities. It was situated on the east bank of the Chornaya River on the plateau of the

  2. Pokrovsky park in Kharkov

    Pokrovsky park in Kharkov

    The young Ukrainian city Kharkov has over 150 parks. All of them are located in various parts of the city and are kept in different states. However, one of the most remarkable is the Pokrovsky park, which is rightfully considered a remarkable site.

  3. The Kiev zoo

    The Kiev zoo

    The zoological park, which is located in Schevchenkovsky district of Kiev, is a scientific and research, environmental, cultural and educational institution, which belongs to artificially created objects of nature reserve fund. It occupies 34,2 hectares,



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Video. View on Kiev and Dnieper from Paton Bridge
Video. View on Kiev and Dnieper from Paton Bridge