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  1. Odessa Holy Assumption Monastery

    Odessa Holy Assumption Monastery

    The history of the origin of Odessa Holy Assumption Monastery is associated with the name of Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia, Gabriel. In 1814 he founded the bishop's courtyard on the lands, which were donated by the Moldavian nobleman Alexander Teutul.

  2. Top 10 Places to see in Odessa

    Top 10 Places to see in Odessa

    What to see in Odessa? What place should be given the most attention when you visit Odessa during Euro 2012? We present our ranking of the best attractions in Odessa done by ua-traveling. The "Pearl of the Black Sea" Odessa is located on the south-west

  3. Korets Trinity Monastery

    Korets Trinity Monastery

    The history of this ancient abode started in the XI century, when a wooden monastery was constructed on the bank of Korchik river. It was destroyed to pieces twice: in the XII by Mongol-Tatars, and two centuries later by Crimean Tatars. The abode