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  1. Colonel’s House in Chernovtsy

    Colonel’s House in Chernovtsy

    The building that is currently occupied by Chernovtsy regional puppet theatre was previously used as an officers’ casino. This establishment resembled a modern sophisticated disco club. Youth came here to dance, take part in music parties, and

  2. Filippov’s mansion in Zhitomir

    Filippov’s mansion in Zhitomir

    Zhitomir has a lot of buildings from earlier centuries that are famous not only in Ukraine, but also throughout the world. Since the city was badly damaged during the World War II, only a few architectural monuments managed to survive until nowadays, and

  3. Round Yard in Trostyanets

    Round Yard in Trostyanets

    Round yard is a unique construction in Trostyanets, Sumy region. The building was constructed by a landlord I. Nadarzhinsky in 1749. The Round yard is surrounded with a tall brick wall along the perimeter, and inside there are several one-storyed