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  1. Yacht club in Nikolaev

    Yacht club in Nikolaev

    The oldest yacht club on the territory of Ukraine was founded in Nikolaev in 1887 on the site of Spassky Tract (today Sport Street, 7). The yacht club is more than hundred years old, and its history is directly related to the names of those people, whose

  2. Aluston fortress in Alushta

    Aluston fortress in Alushta

    Aluston fortress can be rightfully considered the main attraction of Alushta. This defensive construction was built there back in the VI century. It was constructed by architects from Byzantium following an order by Justinian I. The city was thoroughly

  3. Day of Constitution of Ukraine

    Day of Constitution of Ukraine

    June 28, 1996 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a new Constitution of Ukraine - the first Constitution of the independent Ukrainian state.Deputies worked on the project, remaining in the session hall the whole night since 27th to 28th June.