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  1. Zvirynets Caves in Kiev

    Zvirynets Caves in Kiev

    Zveirynets Cave complex is a unique underground monastery, located in Kiev. The caves were discovered in the late XIX century, and then partially reconstructed. Nowadays, the monastery has the status of archaeological monument of national importance. The

  2. Teacher's House in Kiev

    Teacher's House in Kiev

    History of the Teacher’s House (Budynok Vchytelia) goes back to 1899 when the Russian Ministry of National Education approved its establishment in Kiev. The opening ceremony took place in 1901. Originally, the museum did not have its own hall, and

  3. Protecting Veil (Intercession) of Mother of God

    Protecting Veil (Intercession) of Mother of God

    Protecting Veil (Intercession) of Mother of God and Virgin Mary is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on October 14. This is the main autumn fest, the history of which dates back to the year 910, when in one of the temples of Jerusalem during the service