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  1. Cossack farm Galushkovka

    Cossack farm Galushkovka

    15 kilometers from the famous Petrikovka village there is another village called Galushkovka. Here, on the picturesque banks of Dnieper river, in the end of the XVII century Cossacks, who at the time were exploring the territory of Dikoe Pole, had

  2. St. Joseph's Church in Nikolaev

    St. Joseph's Church in Nikolaev

    The first officially registered religious community in Nikolaev appeared already 3 years after the city was founded. It was the Greek Catholic community that in 1794 was given fairly modest premises, which used to be a warehouse. Parish constructed a

  3. The Day of Knowledge - 1 September

    The Day of Knowledge - 1 September

    1st of September is the holiday of the beginning of the new academic year, primarily for the pupils, students, teachers and professors. Traditionally on this day in the schools there are held the ceremonial events, dedicated to the beginning of the