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  1. Mergeleva Ridge

    Mergeleva Ridge

    Mergeleva Ridge is the ancient mystical and religious place associated with the pagan beliefs of ancient Slavic people. This is one of the most unique places located in the Luhansk region, near the village Stepanovka (on the hill in the field). This

  2. Monument to Prince Vladimir in Kiev

    Monument to Prince Vladimir in Kiev

    Monument to Prince Vladimir, also known as the Monument to Vladimir the Great, is located in the park "Vladimir Hill" (Vladimirskaya Gorka) and is one of the oldest sculptural monuments of Kiev and the symbol of this city. The first mention of the

  3. Shuldan cave monastery

    Shuldan cave monastery

    The monastery with the name that means “resonating” is situated in the cliffs of Shuldan rock overhanging the valley. The monastery complex consists of 20 premises: two of them are cave churches, and the others are additional facilities