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  1. Narrow Gauge Railway in the Carpathians

    Narrow Gauge Railway in the Carpathians

    Ukrainian village Kolochiva in Transcarpathia is known for the only one in Ukraine and CIS countries operating narrow gauge railroad. The route of the narrow gauge railway is located in the museum complex "Old Village". The narrow-gauge railroad of the

  2. Baroque in Ukraine

    Baroque in Ukraine

    Baroque style first appeared in the late XVI century in Italy. In the next century, this style of architecture spread in many European countries. In some countries, it was almost completely copied, in others were replicated only certain elements and

  3. Palace of Vitoslavsky in Chernyatin

    Palace of Vitoslavsky in Chernyatin

    The ancient village of Chernyatin in Vinnitsa region used to belong to the Vitoslavsky dynasty in the XVIII century and became famous all over Ukraine for its palace and park ensemble, constructed in the neo-Gothic style. The palace was constructed by