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  1. Salt Mines in Ukraine: Soledar

    Salt Mines in Ukraine: Soledar

    Soledar salt caves located in Donetsk region. Historians suggest that even before our era people could get this vital mineral by evaporation of salt brine art the Bahmutskiy lakes located on the later Artemovsk site  explored deposits of rock salt.

  2. Lviv High Castle

    Lviv High Castle

    The Park “High Castle”, located almost in the center of Lviv, rises majestically above the city. From the highest point, at the altitude of 413 meters above sea level, where is the observation point, there is a breathtaking panorama of the

  3. Pokrovsky Cathedral in Izmail

    Pokrovsky Cathedral in Izmail

    In the XVIII century the Northern Black Sea Coast entirely belonged to the Turks, who constructed impenetrable fortresses in the cities. Izmail was one of these fortresses and was located on the bank of Danube. When in 1790 an army led by A. Suvorov