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  1. Church on the water in Kiev

    Church on the water in Kiev

    After the years of communist regime, when any sign of faith was prosecuted and destroyed, when even the most historically significant buildings were demolished, when there was nothing but aiming for the bright future of communists, the spirit of people

  2. Kamenets-Podolsky Town Hall

    Kamenets-Podolsky Town Hall

    The town hall in Kaments-Podolsky has been standing on the main square of the city since 1374. It is an example of medieval architecture of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Previously the Polish magistrate used to be located there. The council of Poland worked

  3. Palace of Scherbatova in Nemirov

    Palace of Scherbatova in Nemirov

    The palace that was owned by Maria Scherbatova, the granddaughter of Count Potocki, is a historical and architectural sight. This is a two-storied mansion built in neoclassical style, and it has survived until nowadays. Inside the palace you can see