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  1. Kitaev Monastery

    Kitaev Monastery

    Kitaev Monastery is an Orthodox monastery in Kiev, which was operating in the XVIII-XX centuries. In 1990, the monastery was rebuilt. According to the documents, the history of the shrine goes back to 1716 when it was a popular place of pilgrimage. The

  2. Cossack’s grave in Kodnya

    Cossack’s grave in Kodnya

    Cossack’s grave is an obelisk of eternal memory to Haidamak uprising against the Poles. The uprising happened in 1768 and was triggered by awful injustice against Orthodox faith done by Polish gentry. The latest event that broke out the Christian

  3. Dnepropetrovsk International Airport

    Dnepropetrovsk International Airport

    Dnepropetrovsk Airport is located 15 kilometers from the city center near the village “Starye Kodaki”. 27 December 1993 the Cabinet of Ministers granted it the status of the International Airport, now the airport is among the leading airports