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  1. House of Baron Gildenbrand in Kiev

    House of Baron Gildenbrand in Kiev

    The luxurious four-storied mansion, which is known as the house of baron Gildenbrand, is located on one of prestigious streets of Kiev. Earlier this house was used as an apartment building. It was constructed in 1901 and was ordered by baron Vladimir

  2. Carpathian health-resort Tatariv

    Carpathian health-resort Tatariv

    In Carpathian Mountains on the road to the source of the river Prut you will see the old village Tatariv which had had name Krementsi since 1948 to 1992. The settlement is situated on the altitude 750 m above the sea level, 27 km from Yaremche. Tatariv

  3. Ayu-Dag (The Bear-mountain)

    Ayu-Dag (The Bear-mountain)

    Ayu-Dag is called the Bear-mountain because it is looking like a bear that lies in the water. It is located in the South Coast of Crimea near Gurzuf. Ayu-Dag is good seen on the way from Yalta to Alushta. The name Ayu means in Tatar a Bear. This word is