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Заграничный паспорт

Заграничный паспорт

Заграничный паспорт

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    Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard in Dnepropetrovsk

    In September 2004, in Dnepropetrovsk on the Ispolkomovskaya Street there was held the grand opening of Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard, which was at once unofficially named the “New Arbat”. In the first days of its existence the citizens

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  3. Church of three saints (Golberg church) in Kharkov

    Church of three saints (Golberg church) in Kharkov

    The Golberg Church, or Church of three saints, is located in Kharkov and was constructed from 1907 to 1915. The construction was initiated by the leader of the City merchant society Grigoriy Golberg. He provided a piece of land for the church to be built



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National reserve "Castles of Ternopol"
National reserve "Castles of Ternopol"