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Заграничный паспорт

Заграничный паспорт

Заграничный паспорт

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  1. Blue Lion in Donetsk

    Blue Lion in Donetsk

    The Night Lion (Blue Lion) was created and decorated in the "City of the Lion" (Lviv) at the urban art festival "Parade of Lions." It was presented to Donetsk from Lviv, in 2009. Blue Lion is a pledge of friendship between Eastern and Western Ukraine.

  2. St .George's Monastery on Fiolent Cape

    St .George's Monastery on Fiolent Cape

    Back in 891 a terrible storm broke out the coast of Cape Fiolent (Autonomous Republic of Crimea, ARC). Greek sailors felt their swift destruction, began to pray to St. George. At the same moment they saw the holiest on the nearest rock. Having climbed up

  3. Church of the Tithes in Ukraine

    Church of the Tithes in Ukraine

    The first Christian construction built by Vladimir the Great became the Church of the Tithes in 986-996. Prince of Kiev allocated one-tenth of his income to its keeping that resulted in the name of the Tithe. Although in the documents it was called the