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Заграничный паспорт

Заграничный паспорт

Заграничный паспорт

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  1. The pharmacy museum in Chernovtsy

    The pharmacy museum in Chernovtsy

    In Kobylanskaya street in Chernovtsy there is a building of the municipal pharmacy #2. What makes it unique is a museum that is located inside with the displays of pharmacy equipment. Moreover, some of the prescription medicine is still made manually.

  2. Blue Lion in Donetsk

    Blue Lion in Donetsk

    The Night Lion (Blue Lion) was created and decorated in the "City of the Lion" (Lviv) at the urban art festival "Parade of Lions." It was presented to Donetsk from Lviv, in 2009. Blue Lion is a pledge of friendship between Eastern and Western Ukraine.

  3. Goloseevsky park in Kiev

    Goloseevsky park in Kiev

    The first artificially created park in Ukraine was founded by the Kiev-Pechersk archimandrite Peter Mogyla in 1631. Later the park enhanced and finally merged into the forest with, having lost its identity. Nowadays the Goloseevsky park named after M.



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Carpathians' nature
Carpathians' nature