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A lighthouse

A lighthouse

A lighthouse

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  1. Cathedral of the assumption of the Virgin Mary in Kharkov

    Cathedral of the assumption of the Virgin Mary in Kharkov

    If we compare Ukrainian cities by age, Kharkov will probably be near the end of the list. Nevertheless, even for the relatively short period of its existence, this city managed to expand so much that now it occupies the second spot in the biggest and

  2. Kiev Subway

    Kiev Subway

    The date of foundation of the Kiev Subway is 1916. However the preliminary works began only in 1938 that had been temporarily suspended due to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and continued after its end. Subway crosses all 10 districts of the

  3. Lviv High Castle

    Lviv High Castle

    The Park “High Castle”, located almost in the center of Lviv, rises majestically above the city. From the highest point, at the altitude of 413 meters above sea level, where is the observation point, there is a breathtaking panorama of the



Yalta (93 photo)

National reserve "Castles of Ternopol"
National reserve "Castles of Ternopol"