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A train

A train

A train

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    Ioninsky monastery in Kiev

    Ioninsky monastery of Holy Trinity was founded in 1860s in Kiev by the Archimandrite of Vydubychi Monastery Father Jonah (Iona). The church was built on the piece of land that used to belong to Princess E. Vasilchikova, widow of the governor-general of

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    Clock of love in Zaporozhye

    Grand opening of the "Clock of lovers", located in the Zaporozhye region on Shevchenko Boulevard, occurred in 2003. True, the original intention of the then Mayor Alexander Polyakov was such that these hours would be the "urban Courant", for which they

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    Odessa sea port is located on the Black Sea coast in the Gulf of Odessa. It is a major trading port of international importance; it has one of the largest passenger terminals in Europe and is regarded as the main cruise port in Ukraine. Port includes