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  1. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

    Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

    The building of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the greatest architectural monuments of Ukraine and one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. Opera is a real jewel of Odessa, which worthy enters the list of the Seven Wonders of

  2. Feodosia


    Feodosia is over 2500 years old. At the crossroad of times and cultures, the city offers Armenian churches, fortress walls, Muslim mosques and the Black Sea. Feodosia was founded by ancient Greeks in the middle of the 6th century under the name of Cafa.St

  3. Ancient Russian rock fortress of Tustan

    Ancient Russian rock fortress of Tustan

    The rock fortress of Tustan, which is located in Urych village of Skolevsky district in Lviv region is a monument for history, architecture, nature and archeology. There is no other place like that in Europe. During the construction of the wooden