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نشوان هركي

نشوان هركي

نشوان هركي

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    Exhibition of Dinosaurs in Kiev

    From September 10 in Pechersky Landscape Park at the Singing Field there is held the exhibition "World of Dinosaurs", where one can see more than 50 exhibits of dinosaurs, recreated in full size on the latest scientific advances.This exhibition is an

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    Dominican church in Ternopil

    The St. Vincent Ferrara Dominican church can be called the most valuable, though not the oldest architectural monument in Ternopil (now the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary). The sanctuary facade faces the modern Liberty

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    Pilipets skiing resort

    Location How to get there: you can get to Pilipets by train to Volovets station, and then take a taxi or a shitter bus. If you’re traveling by car, drive through Kiev-Chop highway, then turn left at the Volovets sign before the traffic police post.



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Video. Storm on the peninsula Tarkhankut. Crimea
Video. Storm on the peninsula Tarkhankut. Crimea