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Route to Lutsk: Old City

Route: Church of St. Peter and Paul, dungeons, Synagogue, Lutheran Church, House of Architect.

Church of St. Peter and Paul

Church of St. Peter and Paul

Choosing this route every tourist will see the beautiful Cathedral Church of Saints Peter and Paul and Jesuit collegium - architectural monuments of national importance that are located in the Historical and Cultural Reserve "Old Lutsk" on the Cathedralna Street in Lutsk. The Church and Collegium belonged to the Society of Jesuits and were built for their needs. Today, the collegium is used as an educational institution and the temple is the Cathedral Church of Lutsk diocese.


Dungeons in Lutsk

The church has three large four-story dungeons. There are rooms for different functions. One of the large rooms is occupied by the underground temple. On the walls there are ancient frescoes and Latin inscriptions, some of which has not been read yet. There is a refectory and a chapel where a member of szlachta Magdalene was buried. In one of the underground premises there is a narrow corridor that leads to the lower room where the prisoners used to be held. In the middle of the room there is a well. It was used as one of the tortures when the thirsty prisoners watched numerous buckets of water lifted from the well.

Lutheran Church, LutskLutheran Church

The Church was built in 1906 as a Church of Lutsk Lutheran community. During its existence it was one of the main temples of German colonists in Volyn. However, due to the World War the sanctuary fell in disrepair. In the Soviet times the church belonged to various institutions, mainly to the archive. With the collapse of the Soviet Union the shrine was passed to the Baptists community that duly restored the building. Nowadays, it is a monument of architecture that takes a significant compositional and aesthetic place in the general background of Lutsk reserve.


The Big Synagogue is an oldest Renaissance synagogue with the defensive tower. This architectural monument of national importance is located on the Danula Galutskogo Street on the territory of Historical and Cultural Reserve "Old Lutsk". The Synagogue was built in 1620s in the center of one of the Jewish settlements in Lutsk. For a long time, it served as a religious, educational and community center of Lutsk Jews. Moreover, the building served defensive functions.

Synagogue, Lutsk

In 1942, the temple was partially destroyed for the next several decades. In 1970s, it was partially restored. Nowadays, it is used as a sports club premise.

House of Architect

The House of Architect Golovan is an architectural monument, which is located on the territory of Historical and Cultural Reserve "Old Lutsk" on the bank of the River Stir. The project of the building was developed by the Volyn architect Rostislav G. Metelnytskyy.

Lutsk, House of Architect

The yard, walls and roof are decorated with the stone sculptures of different styles. Above the entrance there is a family monogram - N. M. G. In general, there are more than 500 sculptures. On the pediment of the building there is a bas-relief depicting all the members of the sculptor family. It weighs half a ton and is made of green sandstone.

The route was developed by Volodymyr Kushnir.

Translation: ua-traveling.com

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