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The Secrets of the Underground Life of the Kizil-Koba Caves

Route: Tuff Site - Su-Uchhan Waterfall – Kizil-Koba (Red Cave)

How to get there by public transport: at Simferopol railway station take a trolleybus to the station  Perevalnoye, there is an arrow to the Red Cave.

Su-Uchhan WaterfallHow to get there by car: take a Highway Simferopol-Alushta (M 18) till the turning to the Red Cave. The distance - 20 km.

There are about five thousand caves on the territory of Ukraine, 800 of them are situated in the Crimea. Among the limestone caves, the first place by the length belongs to the Kizil-Koba, or the Red Caves. We invite you to join our unique underground journey with a cave diving in Kizil-Koba!

Tuff Site

Let’s start from the Tuff Site.

In 1921, archaeologists found the traces of the unknown archaeological culture settlement. It was a dwelling of the people that populated the gorge 2,500 years ago - a small dugout cut in the tuff with low bench and niches at the sides. Later, there were found the traces of two more dugouts. Therefore, a new culture became known as Kizil-Koba. One of the places of interest is a viewing point that faces the Mount Chater-dag (650 m above the sea level). Here you can admire the 25-meter waterfall of the river Su-Uchhan that flows from the cave. There is a large rock in the center of the waterfall that one can climb on.

Red Cave

Close to the waterfall there is a big arch of the lower floor of the Red Caves – Haranlyh-Koba, or a Dark Cave (17 m above the Tuff Site).

The arches of the Cave

The total length of the discovered part of Red Caves is 21 150 m, the total area is 64 000 m ². The length of the rooms reaches 70 - 80 m, the height is up to 145 m (Hall of the Blue drop). The average temperature of the lower floors 8 - 9 ° C.

The rooms form a complex underground labyrinth, which consists of six floors, so the visiting of the Red Caves is only allowed accompanied by guides. The arches of the Cave are decorated with the stalactites, columns and corals.

Red Cave

There are many lakes and waterfalls. Excursion route (500 m) covers the first and second floor of the Cave. Excursion time is 1 hour.

The first room is the sanctuary of the 2,500 year-old Kizil-Koba culture. An underground river Su-Uchhan flows through the Cave. Do not be surprised if you start yawning during the tour. This does not mean that you got a boring guide; the matter is in the high content of carbon dioxide in the Cave.

The Red Cave is the only place in Ukraine where you can visit a unique Scuba Diving Excursion!

Mount Chater-dag

The length of the route is 3 km and it takes from 2.5 to 4 hours. The mandatory requirement is an ability to swim and dive as far as the whole tour takes place under the water. Each participant is provided with the hermetic diving suit, warm clothes, shoes, helmet and flashlight.
Don’t forget to take the clothes to change after the tour.

This amazing excursion includes swimming in underground lakes, walking through the huge halls, sometimes crawling and off course diving!
The amazing beauty of the Cave, adrenaline and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. The tours are conducted all the year round, except the periods of spring and autumn floods and except November, 13th - Day of the Cave.

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