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Welcoming Gurzuf

Gurzuf ParkRoute: Gurzuf Park - Pushkin Museum - Chekhov House - Adalary Cliffs - Pavilion of winds.

How to get there by public transport: take a bus Sevastopol - Yalta. Travel time - 1 hour 40 minutes.

How to get there by car: follow the M 18 Highway to Gurzuf. Distance 70 km.

Gurzuf is an amazing place that is definitely worth to visit.

It is one of the original regions of the Crimea that you will never forget. Welcome to our interesting guided tour!

Gurzuf Park

Let's start with a tour of the Gurzuf Park, which is located 200 meters from the Bus Station.

How to get there: from the Bus Station walk 200 meters along the Leningradskaya Street.

Guruf Park, Crimea

Gurzuf Park is located by the sea at the mouth of the mountain river Avunda. The monument of landscape architecture was founded in 1803 by order of the Duke of Richelieu. The area of ​​the park is 12 hectares. There are more than 110 species of ornamental trees and shrubs. The park practices an art pruning of trees and shrubs – topiary. The main attraction of the park is the fountain "Goddess of Night". There are also other famous fountains "Night" and "Rachel", created in the late XIX century. The park also includes the monuments of Lesya Ukrainka, Adam Mickiewicz, Pushkin, Chekhov, Shaliapin, Gorky and Mayakovski.
Address: 10, Leningradskaya Street.

Pushkin Museum

Close to the park there is the Museum of Alexander Pushkin, which is definitely worth to visit.

Pushkin Museum

In the Museam one can learn about the Crimean period of Pushkin's life and poetry, written under the influence of the Crimean impression. The Museum of Pushkin was opened in 2001 on the basis of the Yalta Historical-Literary Museum. The museum is located in the house owned by the Duke du Plessis de Richelieu. The museum was created in the 1930s, and for half a century it struggled for existance. Today, the exhibits located in six halls show the lifetime editions of Pushkin, household items of his time and the Crimea in the early XIX century.
Address: Gurzuf, 3, Naberezhnaya Street.

Chekhov House

From the park you can go to the sea. Walking along the quay you can get to the foot of the rock Dzhenevez-Kai. Here is the House of Anton Chekhov.

Chekhov House

As you know, Chekhov House-Museum is located in Yalta, where he spent the last years of his life. In Gurzuf by the Black Sea at the foot of the rock Dzhenevez Kai there is a small cozy house of Anton Chekhov hidden among lush greenery. In 1900, the great Russian writer bought the summer house as a hiding-place from the guests who paid too much attention to his house in Yalta. In 1995, the summer house was opened to visitors as a branch of the Chekhov House-Museum in Yalta. In the bay there is a beach Chehovka. In 2010, in Yalta mansion "Ömür" (in Turkish means “life”) where Chekhov stayed, a permanent exhibition "Chekhov and Ukraine" was opened. Tour of the museum (house, yard and Bay): 15 UAH.Opening hours: 9.00 – 18.00 (April – November)Monday, Tuesday closed. Address: 22, Chekhov Street.

Adalary Cliffs

Do you want to see a miniature Gothic castles in the sea? We are going to the Adalari Cliffs - romantic symbol of Gurzuf. The cliffs are located in a picturesque place opposite the Artek Children’s Camp, about 200-300 meters from the sea shore.

Adalary Cliffs

Adalari Cliffs are a well-known attraction of Gurzuf. Adalari in Turkish means "island." The heights of the twin cliffs are 35 and 48 meters. Long time ago, the cliffs were connected to the mainland, but the waves destroyed natural bridges. Nowadays, they can be seen under the water covered with algae. The cliffs have arisen due to the monumental landslides and separation from the Main Ridge during earthquakes. Some of the blocks are still lying near the cliffs, the other slid to the coast, and some of them even moved into the sea. According to one of the legends, many ships sunk in those places, and the gold treasures are still lying at the bottom of the sea. Since ancient times, the area of ​​the cliffs was used as a holding anchorage, so there is a high probability of finding pieces of ceramics, anchors and fragments of vessels and cargoes. Not far from the cliffs (100 meters) at a depth of 40 meters on a sandy bottom a lot of pottery fragments of the XII-XVI centuries were found. From time to time, skillful divers even luck onto the whole amphorae. Since 1964, the Adalari Cliffs were listed among the natural monuments. On the opposite bank of the cliffs there are two nazes - Pushkin rock (35 m) and Shaliapin rock (40 m). On the Pushkin rock there is a sightseeing platform and the Pushkin's Grotto on the eastern slope - a natural cave that can be entered by the yachts and boats.

Pavilion of winds

And finally, the most interesting ... have you heard the whispering winds? We’ll give you a chance! Welcome to the Pavilion of winds!

How to get there: follow the old Romanovsky Highway from the Gurzufsky col pike, which is located 1 mile east. From Gurzuf a shortcut to the pavilion lies through the village Partisansky, but you’ll need a guide or a map.

Pavilion of winds

The Pavilion of the Winds is located in Gurzuf valley on the edge of a rocky cliff at an altitude of 1,450 m. It is located on the top Shagan-Kai (in the Crimean Tatars means “falcon rock”). The pavilion was built in 1956. It is a stone colonnade with the dome. The diameter of the colonnade is 4 meters; the height of the pavilion is 6 meters. The floor is paved with mosaics depicting a flower of the winds, hence the name of the pavilion. Pavilion of winds, CrimeaThe place is known for strong winds that blow with the speed up to 40 m/sec. The pavilion is located on the territory of the reserve. When the weather is clear, the white pavilion of the winds is visible from Gurzuf. In honor of the 10th anniversary of independence of Ukraine a large wooden 6-meter cross was installed to the west of the pavilion. There is a beautiful view of the Mount Ayu-Dag, Gurzuf, Partenit, the southern slope of the mountains, and of course, on the Black Sea. In clear weather the sea surface can be seen for a distance of about 150 km.

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