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Euro 2012: In Lvov there was chosen the consultant to the building of the stadium

EURO 2012 in UkraineThe city council in Lvov defined the consultant to the building of the stadium for the European football championship in 2012. It became the company Arena.com according to the information of the press-service of the city council.

Among the latest projects of the company are the building of the stadiums “Olympic Stadium” in Berlin, “LTU-Arena” in Düsseldorf for the championship in Germany 2006 and the new stadium in Karlsruhe.

“The company will control the process of building of the stadium and work at business-plan of the using of the construction after the Euro-2012. The presence of such a consultant is the demand of UEFA”, - noted the head of the city Andrei Sadovyi.

There were mentioned earlier that Lvov chose the hotels for the mini-headquarters of UEFA and for the football players who will dwell in Lvov during the Euro-2012.

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