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Euro 2012: The cabinet of ministers gave money for the NSC Olimpijskij

EURO 2012 Ukraine PolandThe cabinet of ministers approved the pre-pay 5, 43 million grivnas in 2009 for the works for the consultants of reconstruction of the National Sport Complex Olimpijskij in Kiev. It’s mentioned in the order №275 of the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine. Thus the government agreed with the corresponding offer of the ministry of family, youth and sports.

The cabinet of ministers of Ukraine estimates the value of reconstruction in 2, 1 billion grivnas. The ministry of family intends to define the exact value of reconstruction before May.

Earlier the vice prime-minister Ivan Vasyunik offered the journalists to perform the independent investigations concerning the possible facts of corruption in realization the projects of preparation for the final matches of the European championship in 2012.

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