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Lviv’s preparation for Euro 2012

Lviv’s preparation for Euro 2012The main problems of Lviv’s preparation for the European Football Championship.

Airport: a new terminal is 55 % ready. Runway: 43 % ready.

Roadways and public transport: roadways in the city as well as access roads are in a bad state. The repair works of roadways in most of directions haven’t started. Lviv has got 30 buses in 2010; it’s planned to buy 76 buses and 60 trolley buses for the city in 2011.

Lviv Stadium: 65 % ready. There are drainage works on the field, internal and finishing operations, which are realized at present.

Hotels: the hotel fund has already satisfied the UEFA demands to give rooms not only for different delegations, but also for football funs.

Appraisal of the journal “Correspondent”:  Lviv could stop taking part in the tournament one year ago, but nowadays the situation had been stabilized. It’s all right with hotels and the stadium and bad with roadways and public transport.

The preparation of other Ukrainian cities to Euro 2012: Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov.

According to korrespondent.net, translation by ua-travelling.com.

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