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UEFA starts selecting volunteers for Euro 2012

volunteers for Euro 2012On Wednesday, June 15, Kiev starts selecting volunteers for the European football championship 2012.

“The main demand for candidates is knowledge of foreign languages. However, the police didn’t manage to improve its knowledge of foreign languages”, informs Deutsche Welle.

The delegate of UEFA President for Euro 2012, member of UEFA Executive Committee Frantisek Laurinec,  UEFA tournament director of Euro 2012 in Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky and head of UEFA Department of Ticket Planning and Sale for Euro 2012 Pedro Correia are going to declare an official start of accepting volunteer applications according to the volunteer program.

Earlier the ambassador of the volunteer program, world boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, who represented the program and the volunteer logotype for Euro 2012 as a letter V, said that it simultaneously means “Volunteer and Victory”. Klitschko appealed to the Ukrainian youth “to show people from all over the world the true Ukraine, a beautiful country, where kind and hospitable people live”.

It is planned to involve altogether 5 500 volunteers for the European football championship, who will help UEFA in 20 work directions.

It is planned to make interviews with volunteer applicants at the beginning of autumn, to confirm their participation in December and to fulfil preparatory trainings with them in the spring of 2012.

This work is attractive for candidates to get communication skills, an experience of rendering services and organization assistance. The only material reward is a free food, uniform, free phone card and passenger ticket. “There is a bonus list, how we call it, but in any case it’s no question about money”. One of these bonuses for students is passing their tests in European languages or accepting their work as a summer practice in the universities.


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