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Ukrainian architecture. Architecture of cities of Ukraine. Magnificent buildings. History of architecture and architectural styles of Ukraine.

  1. The most mysterious dungeons of Ukraine

    The most mysterious dungeons of Ukraine

    Ukraine has lots of fascinating locations that fascinate travelers and adventurers. Do you think you’re an experienced in extreme tourism? Then you need to see Ukrainian underground wonders. Huge tunnels that are several kilometers long can

  2. Filippov’s mansion in Zhitomir

    Filippov’s mansion in Zhitomir

    Zhitomir has a lot of buildings from earlier centuries that are famous not only in Ukraine, but also throughout the world. Since the city was badly damaged during the World War II, only a few architectural monuments managed to survive until nowadays, and

  3. Water tower in Zhitomir

    Water tower in Zhitomir

    The water tower of XIX century is one of the most famous attractions in Zhitomir. It was constructed more than a century ago, at the same time when the first plumbing system was implemented in the city. The tower, which is rising gracefully above the

  4. Fire tower in Zhitomir

    Fire tower in Zhitomir

    Zhitomir was founded in 884 and is located to the west from Kiev. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Zhitomir has been part of several different states throughout the years of its existence. Originally Zhitomir was part of Kievan Rus, and

  5. Count's theatre in Pavlograd

    Count's theatre in Pavlograd

    Pavlograd is one of the leading industrial cities in Western Donbass region. The city is famous for its plants, and some of them used to produce strategic armor and missiles. However, culture and arts are not as developed as the industry there. The city

  6. The palace of Mezentsev in Novograd-Volynsky

    The palace of Mezentsev in Novograd-Volynsky

    The era of Uvarov family owning Novograd-Volynsky started with Count F. Uvarov’s daughter. Uvarov was Platov’s ally and the future her of the famous Borodino. One of his daughters, Eugenia, married Colonel Mezentsev. The sisters inherited the

  7. Tereschenko’s castle in Denishi village

    Tereschenko’s castle in Denishi village

    An old picturesque village of Denishi is located 20 kilometers from Zhitomir on the banks of Teterev river. The village is known far beyond Zhitomir region, as this is where the famous mansion of sugar manufacturer and industrialist Mikhail Tereschenko

  8. The palace in Belokrinitsa

    The palace in Belokrinitsa

    The palace castle in Belokrinitsa of Kremenets district (Ternopol region) is a remarkable monument of palace art in South Volyn. You can get here either by personal vehicle, taking a bus, or on foot from Kremenets. If you decide to go on foot, you will

  9. The building of the regional administration in Mirgorod

    The building of the regional administration in Mirgorod

    Ukrainian land has a special area that is more peaceful than you can imagine. It has a very appropriate name – Mirgorod (Peaceful city). The population of the city if 43.000 people, and 10.000 more people come there every year as tourists.

  10. Steam mill in Novaya Chertoriya village

    Steam mill in Novaya Chertoriya village

    In XIX century there was a famous entrepreneur with a considerable fortune called Count Orzhevsky. He constructed a few buildings in Zhitomir region, and these buildings remain valuable architectural monuments and local attractions. One of these