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Bridges in Ukraine. Beautiful and ancient bridges in Ukrainian cities. Bridges in Ukraine, history, architecture, building

  1. Top 10 attractions of Zaporozhye

    Top 10 attractions of Zaporozhye

    Zaporozhye is an old city in Ukraine, situated on the Dnieper River, still keeping the history and legends of the Ukrainian Cossacks and Zaporozhian Sich. Today it is a major industrial and cultural center in the southern Ukraine. We offer you the rating

  2. Mother-in-law’s Bridge (Teshchin Bridge) in Odessa

    Mother-in-law’s Bridge (Teshchin Bridge) in Odessa

    Mother-in-law’s Bridge is a large pedestrian bridge in Odessa. It was built in 1969, made by architect Vladimirsky. The bridge passes over the Military Descent and connects Primorsky Boulevard with M. Zhvanetsky Boulevard. Initially the project was

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  3. Arch Bridge in Zaporozhye

    Arch Bridge in Zaporozhye

    The construction of the bridge across the Dnieper River was caused by the reconstruction of Dnieper Hydropower in 1969-1980. The main task of the bridge was to unload the dam and Preobrazhensky Bridges of the constantly increasing traffic flow. The idea

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  4. Preobrazhensky Bridges in Zaporozhye

    Preobrazhensky Bridges in Zaporozhye

    Construction of new bridges in Zaporozhye across the Dnieper River began in 1949. The author of the projects of the bridges was the famous Moscow engineer B.N. Preobrazhensky, in whose honour the bridges were named.The project of the bridge across the

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  5. Bridge of Paton in Kiev

    Bridge of Paton in Kiev

    Bridge named after E.O. Paton, which is pedestrian, automobile and tram until 2004, longer than 1.5 km (the length of the bridge is more than Khreshchatyk Street) was opened in the middle of XX century, in 1953. Being the part of the small circular

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