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Ukraine is rich for old and beautiful castles. Almost all castles of Ukraine are located in the western part of Ukraine. Best articles about Ukrainian castles.

  1. Tereschenko’s castle in Denishi village

    Tereschenko’s castle in Denishi village

    An old picturesque village of Denishi is located 20 kilometers from Zhitomir on the banks of Teterev river. The village is known far beyond Zhitomir region, as this is where the famous mansion of sugar manufacturer and industrialist Mikhail Tereschenko

  2. The palace in Belokrinitsa

    The palace in Belokrinitsa

    The palace castle in Belokrinitsa of Kremenets district (Ternopol region) is a remarkable monument of palace art in South Volyn. You can get here either by personal vehicle, taking a bus, or on foot from Kremenets. If you decide to go on foot, you will

  3. Medzhybizh Fortress

    Medzhybizh Fortress

    Not far from Khmelnitsky city in the upper reaches of Southern Bug river there is a village called Medzhybizh. In the XVI there was a fortress castle constructed there. The fortified city, which appeared above Southern Bug in 1146, is first mentioned in

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  4. Badeni palace in Koropets

    Badeni palace in Koropets

    Count Stanislaw Badeni bought a mansion in Koropets village (Ternopol region) from Myslovsky family in the late XIX century. He started constructing a new palace. The construction was completed in 1906, and the Viennese Renaissance palace survived until

    Tags:  Castles  Architecture 
  5. Castle in Kryvche

    Castle in Kryvche

    Kryvche village in Borschevsky district (Ternopol region) used to be called Oplakana. It is located on the banks of a small river Tsyganka that crosses an old road from Melnitsa to Borschyov and Kamenets. The village got its present name because of the

    Tags:  Castles  Sightseeing 
  6. Castle in Zolotoy Potok village

    Castle in Zolotoy Potok village

    Zolotoy Potok (Golden Stream) is a beautiful name that belongs to a village in Buchach district of Ternopol region. The village does not belong to any of the popular tourist routes, which is why nature here is wonderfully fresh and the sights have

  7. Palace in Priozernoye

    Palace in Priozernoye

    The Priozernoye estate is a beautiful palace complex that managed to survive until nowadays in a remarkably good condition. The village in Ivano-Frankovsk region is not that easy to find: it lies at the end of a long and winding road, and the palace is

  8. Ruins of Kremenets castle

    Ruins of Kremenets castle

    The thousand-year history of Kremenets castle is surrounded with legends and fascinating events that took place there, which is why historians don’t know the exact year when it was constructed. Some sources say that in 1064 the castle already

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  9. Vasilyevskaya church in Ovruch

    Vasilyevskaya church in Ovruch

    Vasilyevskaya church in Ovruch (Zhitomir region) is one of the oldest churches in Ukraine. Its history dates back to the Kievan Rus, the year of 997 (or 989), when, according to the historical sources,  Prince Vladimir the Great constructed a wooden

  10. Korets castle

    Korets castle

    Korets wooden castle was constructed by Ostrozhsky brothers in the XVI century. However, it is known as Korets, because Koretsky family owned the mansion at the time and added stone walls and a drawbridge to the castle in 1550. The main entrance was