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Articles about nature and resorts of Crimea. Sightseeing and sights of the Crimea. Best places to visit in Crimea. Articles about traveling and hiking at Crimea.

  1. Sapun Mountain in Sevastopol

    Sapun Mountain in Sevastopol

    The name of Sapun Mountain translates from Turkish as soap and comes from a special kind of clay that was mined at its foot and used to produce soap. Location of the mountain made it the center of bloody battles more than once. In 1854-1855 Inkerman,

  2. Kebir-Jami Mosque in Simferopol

    Kebir-Jami Mosque in Simferopol

    The history of Simferopol (the Crimea) is closely connected to an old building in Kurchatov street – Kebir-Jami Mosque. In this exact place, on the bank of Salgir river, a Tatar settlement Ac Mosque started to form in the early XVI century. The

    Tags:  Churches  Crimea  Sightseeing 
  3. Khan Uzbek Mosque

    Khan Uzbek Mosque

    A beautiful mosque in Solkhat was built by Khan Uzbek, an adherent of Islam. This mosque is, in fact, the oldest mosque in the Crimea. Nowadays it looks like a basilica-type rectangular building with a built-in minaret in the north-east corner and an

    Tags:  Churches  Crimea  Sightseeing 
  4. Dulber palace in Koreiz

    Dulber palace in Koreiz

    Snow-white battlements, silver domes and pinnacles sharply contrast with the background of the Main Ridge of Crimean Mountains. The oriental spirit of Dulber palace in Koreiz can be seen in arched windows, blue ornaments, colorful mosaics, mihrabs, and

  5. Unfinished nuclear power plant in Shchelkino

    Unfinished nuclear power plant in Shchelkino

    Crimean nuclear power plant is an unfinished object that is situated in the outskirts of Shchelkino on the bank of Aktashskoye reservoir. This saltwater reservoir was going to be used as a coolant. The project started to be developed in 1968. In 1975

  6. Villa Mechta in Simeiz

    Villa Mechta in Simeiz

    Villa Mechta, one of attractions in Simeiz, was being built for quite a while: the construction was completed only in the 1920s. The author of the project remained anonymous; however, historians presume it could be architect Nikolay Krasnov who designed

  7. Stone Mushrooms of Sotera River Valley

    Stone Mushrooms of Sotera River Valley

    The valley of Sotera river seems not very remarkable at the first sight. However, it is in fact extraordinary and quite attractive for tourists. Remnants of ancient mammoths have been found there, and the river is populated with crabs. Geologists come

    Tags:  Green Tourism  Crimea  Nature 
  8. Yeni-Kale fortress

    Yeni-Kale fortress

    The Turkish fortress of Yeni-Kale is one of the most famous architecture fortification monuments in Kerch. The fortress was constructed in early XVIII century. The name of the fort translates from Turkish as the New Fortress. It was built to protect

    Tags:  Castles  Crimea  Sightseeing 
  9. Cape Meganom

    Cape Meganom

    Cape Meganom is considered to be one of the greatest Crimean mysteries. Ancient Greeks believed Meganom was an entrance to Hades, the realm of the dead. Giant House, which is what Meganom is translated as from Greek, is at the same time a cape and a

  10. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yalta

    Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yalta

    Yalta citizens decided to construct a new cathedral to commemorate the death of Emperor Alexander II, who died when a bomb exploded at his feet. Alexander III approved of this decision. The construction committee that was founded in 1890 was presided by

    Tags:  Churches  Crimea  Sightseeing