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Parks and Botanical gardens

Ukraine Botanical gardens and parks. Nature parks and botanical gardens in Ukraine. History, creation, development, designers

  1. Gagarin park in Zhitomir

    Gagarin park in Zhitomir

    The history of Gagarin park in Zhitomir started in the XIX century. The picturesque park, which occupies the area of 36 hectares, was founded by a famous Volyn explorer and philanthropist Baron Maksimilianovich de Shoduar. Plants growing in the park

  2. Gadyach regional landscape park

    Gadyach regional landscape park

    Gadyach regional landscape park is located in Gadyan district (Poltava region) on the banks of picturesque rivers Grun and Psyol. It occupies the area of 23.000 hectares. There are no large industrial centers in that territory, which means flora and

  3. Fomin botanical garden in Kiev

    Fomin botanical garden in Kiev

    Fomin botanical garden in Kiev is one of the most popular places for Kiev citizens to have a walk in. The park is not really large, but its location in the center of the city makes it more attractive than the Central botanical garden. A few years ago you

  4. Kristerova Hill in Kiev

    Kristerova Hill in Kiev

    In 1850 a Saxon Wilhelm Krister, former weaver and gardening enthusiast, purchased a large estate in the modern Podol district of Kiev (Vetryanye Gory). He implemented some groundbreaking agricultural techniques and ordered elite varieties of seeds from

  5. Victory park in Kiev

    Victory park in Kiev

    Victory park in Kiev, which was founded in 1965 in Kiev, is located in Dneprovsky district. It is dedicated to the victory of USSR in World War II. The park was constructed by architects M. Grechina, A. Zavarov, V. Ezhov, S. Weinstein, J. Mezentsev and I.

  6. Hydro park in Kiev

    Hydro park in Kiev

    The Kiev hydro park is located on the Dolobetsky and Venetian islands between the Rusanovsky strait and Dnieper. Earlier there was Predmostnaya suburb, which was demolished in 1943. The hydro park was founded in 1965-1968. It is a water amusement park

  7. Goloseevsky park in Kiev

    Goloseevsky park in Kiev

    The first artificially created park in Ukraine was founded by the Kiev-Pechersk archimandrite Peter Mogyla in 1631. Later the park enhanced and finally merged into the forest with, having lost its identity. Nowadays the Goloseevsky park named after M.

  8. Sculpture garden in Kharkov

    Sculpture garden in Kharkov

    The Kharkov sculpture garden is located in front of the Platinum Plaza mall right in the centre of the city. The area is decorated with exhibits that were given to Kharkov citizens as a gift by a collector A. Feldman. Besides these sculptures, the

  9. Pokrovsky park in Kharkov

    Pokrovsky park in Kharkov

    The young Ukrainian city Kharkov has over 150 parks. All of them are located in various parts of the city and are kept in different states. However, one of the most remarkable is the Pokrovsky park, which is rightfully considered a remarkable site.

  10. Trostyanets park

    Trostyanets park

    Trees have always been viewed by people as a personification of three kingdoms of the universe: the roots represent the underworld, the trunk – the living world and the crown – the heavenly kingdom. Various nations give different kind of