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Streets and Squares

Ukrainian Streets and Squares. Main and important streets and squares in Ukraine. National, beautiful squares, streets, prospects, avenues in Ukrainian cities.

  1. Poshtova square in Kiev

    Poshtova square in Kiev

    The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, has a long and fascinating history. If you want to find out more about this city, even a week will not be enough to thoroughly observe its history. That is why if you are limited in time but want to learn as much as possible,

  2. Proletarskaya square in Kharkov

    Proletarskaya square in Kharkov

    Proletarskaya square emerged on Kharkov map in the XVIII century. It is situated in the centre of the city below the University hill. You can get virtually everywhere in the city from this square. Initially the square was named “Bazarnaya” (M

  3. Turkish Well (Turkish Square) in Chernovtsy

    Turkish Well (Turkish Square) in Chernovtsy

    Chernovtsy is a city full of wonders. There is a lot of antique sights that are several centuries old, which are entwined with the modern architecture masterpieces. One of these masterpieces is the square of Turkish well. To get to the square you need to

  4. One Street Museum in Kiev

    One Street Museum in Kiev

    Andrew’s Descent, one of the oldest streets in Kiev and one of the main tourist attractions of the city, has a very interesting story. This street used to be home for a lot of famous people. Even if someone was not the best student at school, he

  5. Rosa Luxemburg Square in Kharkov

    Rosa Luxemburg Square in Kharkov

    Rosa Luxemburg Square was founded in Kharkov in the second half of XVII century. Since that time it had different names - Lobnaia, Narodnaia, Torgovaia and Pavlovskaia. The square was a place where the Uspenska and Pokrovska Fairs, as well as the main

  6. Market Square in Zhovkva

    Market Square in Zhovkva

    The historic-architectural ensemble Market Square in Zhovkva (Lviv region) is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. The history of the city starts from the Old Russian village Vinniki, which was mentioned in the Galicia-Volyn chronicle. In 1560,

  7. Round Square in Poltava

    Round Square in Poltava

    The Round Square is one of the attractions in Poltava. It was founded in 1804. As the urban legend, that has already become a part of the official history of Poltava, says there was a meeting of Peter I to the townspeople after a battle with the Swedes.

  8. Lugansk Stone Sculpture Park

    Lugansk Stone Sculpture Park

    There are few museums, which can boast of the exhibits, which age is more than a thousand years. And there are less of them, where the exposure can tell you about the evolution of long-missing people. In this sense, the park-museum of stone sculptures,

  9. Karl Marx Prospect in Dnepropetrovsk

    Karl Marx Prospect in Dnepropetrovsk

    The Karl Marx Prospect is the main administrative, cultural and commercial artery of the city. It is 5 kilometres long; the greater part of the Prospect is faced with paving-stones and the street forms a straight line with two boulevards and tram rails

  10. Alley of love in Zaporozhye

    Alley of love in Zaporozhye

    Alley of love in Zaporozhye was opened on August 8, near Kommunarskogo RAPA. This day was a landmloark for 22 couples who formalized their relationship this day. Decorations were a few colored sculptures of Vladimir Gulicha, a well known Zaporozhye