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The Amazing Western Ukraine

7 days / 6 nights Tour.

(Borispil - Kamenets-Podolski - Khotyn - Chernivtsi - Kolomiya - Yaremcha - Lviv - Borispil).

Travel Agency: Bee Travel.
E-mail: taras@bee-travel.com.
Phone number: +380 (32) 247-90-85.
skype: mysik.com

Day 1
Meeting at Borispil Airport.
Arrival in Kamenets-Podolski.
Accommodation at the Hotel.
Late Supper..

Day 2
Moving to the city of Kamenets-Podolski.

City tour:
-A deep rocky canyon in the centre of the city
-The Castle Bridge
-The Peter and Paul and Nicholas Church
-The Goncharnaya and Kushnirskaya towers
-Turkish and Armenian bastions
-The Kamenetsky Town Hall and The Armenian well
-The Dominican and Trinitarsky monasteries
-The Polish and Russian Gate
The Excursion of The Kamenets-Podolsky fortress.

The Feodosya castle (The Kamenets-Podolski Fortress) is located outside the city and it stands at the sole entrance. The original stone buildings of the castle were built in 12th – 13th centuries, and the work continued in the 14th and 16th centuries. The Castle was repeatedly extended and rebuilt; its final stage emerged in the middle of the 16th century.
Tiles with plant ornament or reliefs are used in the decorations of the premises of the castle. Among them the attention is focused on the image of mounted warriors. The doors, shutters, residential furniture and chests are decorated with these images.
For people who are interested in the old ways of torture practices we recommend a visit to the local cellar with a torture chamber. In one of the rooms you will find an exhibition of the people´s life when the fortress was inhabited. You'll see samples of weapons, clothing, and learn the history of the fortress. After this exhibition, a visit to the highest tower of the fortress.

Moving to Khotyn.
The Excursion of the Khotyn castle and the Khotyn city.

One of the most significant monuments of architecture and military fortification art of the past in the Western Europe is the Khotyn fortress. Its wall height of 30-40 metres and 5-6 metres thick, earthen ramparts, bastions and deep moats are of great interest to all who visit this fortress by the Dniester River.

The events of military history of the fortress emphasize its power. An important milestone in the history of the city and the fortress was the Khotyn war. In 1621army of 40 000 men led by Peter Sahaydachny saved Poles from destruction in the Turkish-Polish war, when the Turks tried to invade the lands of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
Many films has been made in this fortress: "Zahar Berkut", "Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe”, ”The Three Musketeers", "Arrows of Robin Hood", "Taras Bulba". In 2007, The Khotyn fortress entered the list of "7 Wonders of Ukraine".

Moving to Chernivtsi
Accommodation at the Hotel.

Day 3
City tour.

Visiting The St. Nicholas Church, the Organ Hall (the former Armenian Church), the Cathedral, the Local History Museum, the Cathedral Square, the Theatre Square, Drama theatre of O. Kobilyansky and The Bukovinsky metropolitans' residences.

Chernivtsi - one of the finest regional centres of the Western Ukraine. Since the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it has been "Little Paris". The origin of Chernivtsi is from an ancient fortress, which existed on the leftbank of the PrutRiver before 1259 and was destroyed by the Mongol-Tatar invaders. The Nicholas Church has been in Chernivtsi since the days of feudalism, it was built in 1607 from oak. Other local attractions are the Cathedral, the Armenian Church, the train station and the city theatre.The pearl of Chernivtsi is the former residence of Bukovina metropolitans, built in 1862-1882.Now it is the main building of the Chernivtsi State University.


Day 4
Check out from the Hotel.
Moving to Lviv.
On the road to Lviv:
A Visit to the Kolomiya city.
City Tour.

Kolomiya stands in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. It is a symbol of the revival of forgotten shrines, the cradle of the Western Ukrainian history, the pearl of the Western Ukraine. It is believed that the city was founded in 4th – 5th century AD. The city owned by Prince Daniil Galitsky was referred to as "lucrative city" for the first time in 1241 in the Galicia-Volyn chronicle. In ancient times the city served as the commercial and defense center of the south-east outskirts of Galician Rus. TheCoat of arms of the city, which represents the head of an eagle, was first mentioned in 1395. Kolomiya got its Magdeburg Rights in 1405.There are 12 architectural monuments of local and national significance in this city: The "Monastyrok" (Savior Church) from 1587, Two-tiered bell tower (18th century), The Greek-Catholic Church of St. Mary (1775); The Cathedral of Saint Michael (1855-1873), The Gymnasium (1875-1901 year). The first impressions ... Almost immediately comes with this feeling: Kolomiya has its own special, uncomparable atmosphere.

The main attraction in Kolomiya is the only Pysanka Museum in the world. It is unique not only in content but also in form too: After entering you will find yourself inside of a huge egg. Here you will be able to conduct master classes on how to decorate eggs. Eggs made in Kolomiya do not spoil or break: they have this know-how and it inspired to start this museum.

Moving to Yaremcha.

Here - among the wealth of mountain landscapes, the unique species of flora and fauna - mineral water springs and mountain waterfalls are still preserved, and the lack of industrial enterprises in this region only contributes to this fact.

Lunch at the picturesque Ukrainian
style Hutsul-restaurant.
Moving to Lviv.
Accommodation at the Hotel.

Day 5
Departure for the excursion.
Lunch – At the half-time of theexcursion.
The Excursion to the “Zolotoii
Podkovi” Castles.
Return to Lviv.
Leisure time.

Day 6
A Sightseeing excursion in Lviv.
Lunch - At the half-time of the
Leisure time.

Day 7
Check-out from The Hotel.
Departure to Borispil Airport.

End of service.

The Price includes:
1) Transport services on the route: Borispil Airport - Kamenets-Podolski – Khotyn - Chernivtsi- Kolomiya -Yaremcha – Lviv - Borispil Airport
2) Accommodation in a 4-Star Hotel - 6 nights: 1 Room with 2 beds.
3) Meals: Breakfasts - 6, Lunchces - 5,Suppers - 6
4) The Entrance fees and Guide services in accordance with the Tour Program
5) Accompanied by the representatives of the Travel Company
6) An English or a Finnish speaking interpreter
The Price does not include:
The Price does not include: the flights to and from Kiev

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