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Small castles of Ukraine (3 days)

Conducted tour of castles of  Western Ukraine

Travel Agency: Bee Travel.
E-mail: taras@bee-travel.com.
Phone number: +380 (32) 247-90-85.
skype: mysik.com
Duration: 3 dyas

Castles… In their time this constructions played an essential role in defense of the country. Being connected with different families, people’s fortunes and legends they give us feeling of romance, picture images of past in fancy. The biggest part of them is in the west of Ukraine. Part of them is adapted to museums, but the most of them remains beyond the tourists’ attention. Together with architecture of monasteries and churches, surrounded by picturesque Ukrainian nature these islands of our culture are glad to meet any attentive tourist.
The program we suggest aims to show what is situated beyond the main ways, which has survived as ruins but was wrongly forgotten, still undoubtedly is worth our attention.

The program is recommended for employees of enterprises and organizations, families with children, youth.
Seasonality: the whole year round


Day 1. Arrival in Ternopol. Departure for excursion.
- Berezhansk castle, churches and Roman-Catholic churches
- Pomoryansk castle, town council
- Univsky defense monastery
- Svirh castle
- Rogatyn churches and Roman-Catholic churches
Accommodation at a hotel. Dinner.

Day 2. Breakfast. Check-out of the hotel. Departure for excursion.
- National reserve „Ancient Galych”
- Castle in Pidzamochok
- Rukomyz travertine rocks with a cave church of St. Onufry
- Buchatsk castle, town council, churches, Roman-Catholic churches, monasteries
Accommodation at the hotel of the monastery. Dinner.

Day 3. Breakfast. Check-out of the hotel. Departure for excursion.
- Yazlivets monastery and castle
- Chervonogorod waterfall and fortress in a canyon of the river Dzhuryn
- Chortkiv castle, town council, wooden churches and Roman-Catholic churches
- Terebovlyansk castle
- Mykulynets castle. Testing of natural original beer form the local brewery „Brovar”.
Return to Ternopol. End of the program.
Organizer provides:
- transport services;
- accommodation (class of accommodation  - as ordered);
- food (2 breakfasts, 2 dinners);
- guide accompaniment;
- insurance.

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