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Shevchenko places - Chyhyryn - Uman: 3 day tour in Cherkassy region

Tour duration:  3 days.
Routing:  Moryntsi, Budysche, Shevchenkove, Korsun, Chyghyryn, Subotiv, Kholodny Yiar, Uman.
Travel Agency: Nami.
phone: +380 (472) 56-15-01.

1 day. Departure from Kyiv, moving to Shevchenko`s land.

The Center of the conservation is the former home place of Taras`s parents in the village of Shevchenkove. The literary-memorial museum of Taras Shevchenko is open here. Little Taras studied his language literacy.

The cherry garden at the house ... This is about the house in the village of Morintsy, where in 1814, on March, 9, son Taras was born to Grygory and Kateryna Shevchenko.

Lunch. The village Budyshche is the place of the landlord Engelhardt`s estate. Now it houses a museum room of Shevchenko. Close to it in the Park there is a giant oak tree in the hollow of which, according to legend, Taras hid his drawings.

Transfer to Cherkasy. Accommodation. Dinner at the hotel. On request you can have a walking tour  "The streets of the old city." Free time. Night lodging.

2nd day. Breakfast. Moving to the National Historical and Cultural Conservation "Chyghyryn".

At the foot of  Boghdan mountain, in the city of Chyghyryn, the objects of historical and architectural complex "Residence of Bohdan Khmelnytsky" are introduced. This is hetman`s building, military office, cottage, treasury and other chambers. In addition to museum objects, there are a number of hotels with symbolic names for this area "Moscow, Swedish, Polish and Turkish embassies."

Transfer  to Subotiv. The former estate of B. Khmelnitsky, where everything started. In 1653 by his order St. Elijah church was built or the temple of the Holy Prophet Elijah. It was erected in baroque and renaissance style and in 1657 it became the burial place of the hetman.

Kholodnyy Yiar. The so-called area where forests existed before the Ice Age. This is one of the largest settlements of the Scythians in Ukraine. It occupies more than 150g of land. Today on its territory 8000 Scythian burial mounds were found.

Motronynskyy Orthodox monastery, of which the legends speak, with underground tunnels leading to Chyghyryn. And holy springs, from which perhaps Bogdan Khmelnitsky was drinking water and gaining strength. Next stop is in Buda, where the millennial oak grows.

Departure to Cherkasy. Dinner at the hotel. Free time. Night lodging.

3rd day. Breakfast. Check out. Journey to Uman.

Numerous visitors of the park "Sofiyivka" know it as the tourist pearl of Ukraine. It is the Museum of landscape art and a place where you can plunge into the fantastic world of romantic nature, beauty and love. A rich Polish magnate Stanislav Potots`ky founded the park in 1796. He presented it to his wife Sophia on her angel`s day, in May of 1802. The idea of creating a park in romantic style with Roman and Greek mythology elements mostly belonged to Sophia.

Late dinner. Departure to Kyiv.

+ Exclusive!
Ukrainian ethnic entertainment program in Cherkasy "Kozatskomu rodu nema perevodu” with theatrical initiation to the Cossacks.
The program includes: a guide story about the origin of the Cossacks, their rituals and customs, different competitions, contests and after the Cossacks initiation diplomas and memorable souvenirs will be presented.