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Best video about Ukraine. Ukrainian sightseeing, landscapes and the most beautiful places. Travel with us! Visit the most beautiful country in the world.

  1. Lutsk High Castle

    Lutsk High Castle

    Lutsk High Castle, also known as Lubart's Castle, built in the 14th century by the Lithuanian Duke Vytautas Lyubart, who married Princess Bush and adopted Orthodox Christianity. This castle was the prince residence for a long time, and now Lutsk High

  2. Kiev


    Kiev is the Hero City, the largest city of Ukraine, a cultural, commercial and scientific center of the country. In evergreen capital there are many parks, nice botanic gardens. There are ancient monuments of architecture of Kievan Rus', interesting

  3. Alexandria Park

    Alexandria Park

    Alexandria Park, located in Bila Tserkva of the Kiev region, is a model of landscape art of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries. A beautiful landscape architecture of the past is well preserved today.

  4. Odessa


    A Pearl of the Black Sea, South Palmyra, South capital of Ukraine - all these names are associated with the beautiful city of Ukraine Odessa. It is also a famous resort in Ukraine. The city is known throughout the world by the beautiful monuments and its

  5. Crimean nature

    Crimean nature

    Crimea is a unique place, where one can see mountains and a sea, rivers and lakes, boundless steppe and abundant forests. A typical characteristic of subtropical Crimean countryside - fig, magnolia, palm trees.

  6. Vorontsov Palace and Livadia Palace.

    Vorontsov Palace and Livadia Palace.

    Crimea has always been famous not only for its wonderful nature, curative climate and beautiful palaces, which kept the spirit of a certain century. Palace of the Princess Gagarina, Livadia, Massandra and Vorontsov Palaces, Swallow's Nest, Khan's Palace,

  7. Ukrainian castles

    Ukrainian castles

    In the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine the monuments of defensive architecture as castles, fortresses, occupy an important place . Most of them are preserved in western Ukraine.

  8. Kamennaya mogila

    Kamennaya mogila

    Kamennaya mogila (stone grave) is a unique monument of nature and archeology, the only of its kind in the world. Located near the village Myrnoe, Zaporozhye region. Represents a heap of stones with an area of ​​30,000 square meters, a height of 12 meters.

  9. Sofyivka


    Sofyivka, a nice Park Arboretum in Uman, Cherkassy region. It is a pearl of garden art. It is well-known not only in Ukraine, the park continues to amaze its visitors with original fountains, waterfalls, caves and underground rivers that fit in a

  10. Crimean Caves.Emine-Bair-Hasar

    Crimean Caves.Emine-Bair-Hasar

    Karst cave Emine-Bair-Hasar was discovered by archaeologists in 1927. The cave is located near Marble Cave (lower plateau of massif Chater-Dag), in Crimea. Emine-Bair-Hasar contains an interesting natural mineralogical museum of Crimea.