There are few things that you simply have to do if you are visiting New York City to get a complete experience od this fascinating city. Some of these experiences involved in visiting monuments and places, but they also include eating certain foods that this place is famous for. In fact, you cannot claim to have the quintessential New York experience unless the food you eat in NYC includes these items. When you think of your favorite food in New York City, your mind probably goes wild.

The list of foods that you ought to be eating in NYV starts with bagels and coffee, just like many New Yorkers, and have plenty of energy to last until lunch. You can eat them plain or toasted, as you prefer. Your trip to New York City should also include a visit to a pizza parlor. You can get some of the best pizza in the world here, and the range is truly mind-boggling. You will also not have to look for a burger NYC style since many restaurants offer this tasty meal.

Another thing that you simply have to try is a New York Style Cheesecake. This is entirely different from its European cousins, being very rich and creamy. Do not miss out on eating this heavenly dessert just because you are on a diet. A New York Style Cheesecake is hefty on the calories because it is made of cream, cheese, but the taste of this concoction surely compensates for it. You should also try out typical New York City hot dogs when you visit this place. There are many hot dog vendors all over the city, but once serving the best food cannot be missed because of the long lines of the people waiting for their turn. Bagels are one top food to eat in New York, some people say it’s the water that makes New york’s Bagels, so gosh darn amazing, Maybe. But NYC is home to some of the world’s finest bagels and makes for one heck of a breakfast. Chocolate – if you are looking for excellent chocolate, Jacques Torres is your man. He has a few outposts around the city, and there is something to satisfy any chocolate craving. In the summer, make sure to check out of his gigantic ice cream sandwiches