In this article, we present you a list of the most renowned museums worldwide. If you are interested in discovering new things or chilling around the world, it is amazing to visit some exclusive museums around the world however you don’t want to spend your holidays visiting them all. The following museums are among the most prominent and significant for their collections, particularly if you are looking to view famous artworks. Even if you do not have any real art knowledge you will not fail to be impressed by these outstanding collections.

1. The Louvre – The Louvre Museum is located in Paris, it is arguably the world’s most famous Museum, with a wonderful collection of antiquities and European painting, including Leonardo’s Gioconda.

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art – This a New York-based museum, it is doubtfully America’s greatest museum. Its remarkable collection was especially strong in American painting and Egyptian Antiquities.

3. The British Museum – This is England’s greatest museum and one of the best in the world of Ancient Arts and Antiquities, with an admirable collection of Art from Ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages. It owns over 7 million artworks with only 4 million on display. The Egyptian collection is second only to that in Cairo.

4. The Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain – The Prado is one of the most cherished and visited collections in the world in the neoclassical design of 18th century, Madrid. It houses an outstanding collection of Spanish art, from Goya and Velazquez to El Greco. Although specializing in paintings, it has superb collections of drawings, medals, coins, and decorative arts.

5. The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt – Before 1853 Egypt lost a large number of antiquities to overseas museums and collections. The museum was built in 1900 and now houses over 120,000 objects from the pre-historic era to the Greco-Roman period. Most notably, it includes sculptures of the Sphinx and the artifacts from the tombs including that of Tutankhamen.

6. The State Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia – Despite Russia’s isolation from the European art world, it has acquired a fabulous collection of over three million objects over the last three centuries. It presents the development of world culture and art from the Stone Age to the 20th century. In particular, it owns ten of the twelve original artworks by Leonardo de Vinci was known in the world today.

7. The Cairo Museum – This is by far the complete collection of Egyptian Art in the world. Its most celebrated artworks are the objects from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, discovered in 1922.

8. The Musee’d’Orsay Museum – The Musee’d’Orsay Museum in Paris is, without doubt, the best museum of impressionist and 19th-century French painting in the world/ Features masterworks from Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas, and others.

9. The Uffizi – The Uffizi in Florence is the most important collection of Italian Renaissance painting. In this excellent website, you can work such as Botticelli’s Venus or Giotto’s Ognisanti.

10. The National Museum of 21st Century Arts – This gorgeously designed museum, abbreviated to MAXXI, was opened very recently (in 2010) but is one of Rome’s most bulbous centers for contemporary art. The building itself is a work of art, with bending oblongs that overlap each other to resemble a massive hub of transport tubes. This museum truly is a must-see for those pleasingly inclined enough to book a room in an art hotel.