There are lots of different kinds of hotels worldwide, to make things easier we have compiled a list of top 10 palace hotels that are exclusive. vacation trips are not just about the destinations and places of interest to see. At the end of the day, you will have to worry about your accommodations. You want to get a good night’s sleep and be ready for another outing the following day. Luxury comes at a price, but when you’re staying at one of the best palace hotels in the world, that price is worth it.

Below is the list of the Top 10 Palace Hotel’s

1. Bussaco Palace Hotel, Luso, Portugal – The hotel is situated in a forest area, where there are lots to explore ( chapels, fountains, exotic palm trees). Even outside of the realms of the historical property there is a lot to see. Lusi is a spa town nearby and there are lovely nearby villages that send you back in time.

2. Udai Bilas Palace – This is a beautiful Art Deco palace on the coasts of a lake in the town of Dungarpur. The family often joins guests for drinks or dinner served at a long marble table facing a medieval Hindu temple built into the walls

3. Hotel Du Palais, Biarritz, France – This is a remarkable and exclusive hotel. It started life as a palace built by Napoleon III for his Princess Eugenie, an this is still very apparent from the hotel. The public rooms reflect the style and excitement of this time while still providing the comfort and elegance required by a 5-star hotel today.

4. Gritti Palace, Venice – the Gritti Palace Hotel has been welcoming guests for a very long time. This 15th-century palazzo in one of the loveliest spots on Venice’s Grand Canal. Looking across to the magnificent Salute church has emerged from a recent renovation looking still more sumptuous. Gritti is an island of peace in a small square.

5. Olissippo Lapa Palace – perched upon one of Laps’s river-facing hills, the hotel overlooks Lisbon’s most deluxe neighbourhood. Here the spires and ivy-clad turrets of the scores of mansions and palaces fill the pretty skyline. A hushed regal charm echoes around the antique and marbles lavished interiors. Dignitaries, royals and rock stars are the staple guests.

6. Palacio de Villapanes – This grand, former 18th-century Palacio in Seville feels every ich the five-star, Andalusian palace it is. There are Morrish arches and ornate, jewel-coloured tilework, mottled marble pillars and parquet floors, but also highly contemporary, minimalist, monochrome styling throughout. The hotel is a peaceful reservation from the heat and bustle of central Seville.

7. President Palace Hotel in Bangkok – Ideally located on Bangkok’s central business district, Sukhumvit Road, the President Palace Hotel is in proximity to every entertainment, shopping and dining establishments that matter in your stay. President Palace Hotel in Bangkok is unique for apartments that will make even the angels sing and, more realistically, make you happy.

8. Jaipur Palace Hotel – Jaipur claims some of the beautiful luxury hotels providing a comfortable stay to its guests. Jaipur Palace luxury hotel showcases a perfect blend of traditional Indian hospitality and modernism. It is a pleasing resort offering delightful amenities and facilities.

9. The Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi – Emirates Palace Hotel near the Breakwater in Abu Dhabi must take the prize for sheer opulence and indulgence Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi is a captivating landmark that’s a marvel to behold for all those who venture through its wonderful gates. All the dreams and all the racy imagination come to live as senses are treated to an amazing and extraordinary experience. Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi is known to offer a selection of amazing services and amenities to families on vacation as well as to business executives.

10. Jai Mahal Palace Hotel – Jai Mahal Palace, a masterpiece of Rajput architecture, was built in the year 1745 AD. Spreading in an area of 18acres of Mughal garden, Jai Palace Mahal is a popular luxury hotel of Jaipur. It is truly an adobe of luxury, comfort and royalty. The palace represents the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture