A Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the UNESCO organization as being of special cultural or physical importance. There are 1031 Heritage sites as listed by UNESCO: 802 are cultural, 197 are natural, and 32 are mixed properties. They are all amazing and outstanding sites worth visiting all over the world, each of them with its history. While all of these sites are significant, here is a list of the top 10 heritage places that worth a visit on your next vacation.

1. The Great Wall of China, China – This wall was built in the 14th century, the Great Wall of China stretches for 8,850 kilometers. This amazing wall was built to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from the attacks of nomadic tribes. The Great Wall is often claimed to be the only man-made structure visible from space with the naked eye, but this legend is false.

2. Taj Mahal – Taj Mahal is located in India. A Gaint mausoleum of white marble, built between 1632 and 1653 by order od the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife. Taj Mahal attracts visitors to Agra just like honey bees. It stands tall being the fame of unending beauty. The special part of this tomb is that it’s color changes as per the changes in sunlight throughout the day. The top of the famous dome is decorated with a lotus design. The Taj Mahal is the most famous monument of the entire subcontinent of India.

3. The Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls – The Old City and its Walls are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This tiny ancient city is home to holy sites for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and is truly breathtaking. Between the historical monuments that can be found here, some of the most significant are the 7th century Dome of the Rock, The Wailing Wall and Christ’s tomb in the Chruch of the Holy Sepulcher.

4. Bhaktapur Durbar Square – Bhaktapur Durbar Square in the center of Bhaktapur City. It has one of the best collections of the finest medieval arts of Nepal. There are many beautiful temples, palaces, and buildings in the Bhaktapur Durbar Square which are examples of superb architecture. These include The Lion Gate, The Gloden Gate, The 55 Window Palace, the statue of Bhupatindra Malla, Nyatopola Temple, Vatsala Temple, Dattatreya Temple, and others. Dattatreya Temple, built by King Yaksha Malla, is the oldest temple structure in Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

5. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – Located in south-western Uganda. This part is known for its biodiversity with a wide range of endemic species of flora and fauna, and it is also home to almost half of the remaining mountain gorilla- a species that is critically endangered. As the home of the mountain gorilla, Bwindi receives many visitors each year who are on a Uganda safari.

6. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela – Santiago, Spain for pilgrims, the cathedral is the last stop of the journey. The cathedral was first built in 1075 and succeeding extensions to it makes it one of the largest and most complex religious structures in the world. The cathedral is made up of several architectural designs including Baroque, Gothic, Neoclassical, Plateresque and Romanesque making it a must not only for pilgrims but also of those who are interested in architectural designs.

7. Mount Cook National Park – Mount Cook National Park is a rugged fantasyland of ice and rock, with 19 peaks over 3000 meters (9800 feet) including New Zealand’s highest mountain. The park is known for its rugged alpine beauty and contrasting delicate alpine flower – the Mount Cook Lily.

8. Chichen Itza, Mexico – Chichen Itza was a large pre-Columbian city built by the Maya people. It was one of the largest Maya cities and a major focal point in the northern Maya lowlands for centuries, Chichen Itza is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico with around 1.2 million visitors each year.

9. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt – This complex of ancient monuments includes the Great Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, several cemeteries and more. It is located 9km (5 mi) from the old town of Giza on the Nile, southwest of Cairo. The pyramids were listed among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Being built around 2584-2561 BC, they aren’t just the only site on the list to still exist, they are also the oldest site among the seven.

10. Chartres Cathedral – Partly built starting in 1145, and then reconstructed over a 26-year period after the fire of 1194, Chartres Cathedral marks the high point of French Gothic art. The vast nave, in pure ogival style, the porches adorned with fine sculptures from the middle of the 12th century, and the magnificent 12th and 13th-century stained-glass windows, all in remarkable condition, combine to make it a masterpiece