Turkey is a beautiful place with some special holiday regions. The golden beaches, splendid sunny weather and Oriental charm of Turkey are already well known to tourists worldwide. While Turkey is an accessible destination, at some point one feels like diversifying the usual sun and beach holiday. Turkey has so many different dishes it was impossible to try them all. No matter what your food preference is, you will not go hungry in this country. Following is a selection of the foods to try on your trip to Turkey.

1. Testi Kebab – Don’t leave Turkey without one of the most popular(and delicious) meat dishes in the Northwest. A play on the traditional Doner kebab, this dish consists of thinly sliced lamb served with a warm tomato sauce over pieces of traditional bread. Topped off with generous helpings of yogurt and butter, you’ll be left licking your plate clean.

2. Sac Tava – Minced meat, vegetables, and spices are cooked in a large traditional convex-shaped pan. This dish came garnished with french fries which is a modification of the original recipe.

3. Manti (Turkish Ravioli) – Pasta lovers, prepare yourselves. Turkey has its version of Ravioli! Little handmade dumplings are filled with ground lamb or beef and then topped with a creamy yogurt sauce.

4. Mezze – You probably won’t leave Turkey without being served Mezze, which is a small selection of dishes commonly served with drinks or before a meal. Turkish Mezze often consists of yogurt with herbs, hummus, rice-stuffed vine leaves(dolmas), meatballs(kofte), eggplant salad, white cheese and of course, delicious, warm pide.

5. Baklava – It’s sweet, it’s rich, and it’s almost too good to be true. Finely chopped nuts complement layers of flaky pastry and held together by syrupy goodness. This is dessert originates from the Ottoman Empire, and can now be found on virtually every street corner in Turkey. Order one for dessert in a restaurant or grab one on the go on the matter which way you eat it, it still tastes scrumptious.

6. Simit – The Turkish pretzel. It’s a baked dough ring covered in sesame seeds. You can find them at any time or anywhere and are a perfect snack. You could almost say it’s the national food of Turkey.

7.Borek – Borek comes in many shapes and varieties. It is essentially two things that most people love: pastry and cheese. Sometimes they will try to sneak some spinach in there to make it healthier, but you can totally pick that out in protest it you choose.

8. Menemen – This traditional Turkish breakfast item is scrambled eggs cooked with salted vegetables and served hot with bread, Dip it, spread it or spoon it up